NASA Says "It's just a rock" in Response to Lawsuit Alleging Fungal Alien Life-Form Was Overlooked on Mars

Earlier this week, a man decided to sue NASA, alleging that the space agency had failed to properly investigate an object found on Mars, which mysteriously appeared in front of the Opportunity rover. NASA had concluded that the object was a rock, but self-described scientist Rhawn Joseph claims in his lawsuit that they did not properly examine the object to conclude that it was indeed a rock, and insists instead that it is a fungal form of alien life. Bob Jacobs, a spokesman for NASA, issued a statement responding to the lawsuit, in which he reiterates the space agency's position that the object is simply a rock.

Jacobs issued the statement to Popular Science, which read:

"This is an ongoing legal matter and we are limited in what we can discuss about the filing. However, NASA has been publicly sharing our ongoing research into the rock dubbed “Pinnacle Island" since we originally released the images from the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity earlier this month. The rock, which NASA is studying to better understand its chemical composition, also was widely discussed during a Jan. 22 NASA Television news conference. As we do with all our scientific research missions, NASA will continue to discuss any new data regarding the rock and other images and information as new data becomes available."

So pretty much, NASA is standing by their research and contends that the rock is a rock and that there is no big cover-up designed to hide alien life on Mars from us Earthlings.