Porn Star Ava Devine Says She'll Have Sex with the Entire Team if the Cavs Make the Playoffs

To put it bluntly, the Cleveland Cavaliers stink. Their 18-33 record is proof. Something's gotta change, and porn star Ava Devine thinks that she knows why they can't win. She also believes that she has just the right motivation for the Cavs, telling TMZ Sports that she'll have sex with the entire team if they make the playoffs. Oh, and she'll bring a girlfriend along.

The actress who has a surprising 170 credits on IMDB for roles in adult films told TMZ Sports:

"I like them so much, I want to have sex with all of them. If they make the playoffs, I will bang them all, and bring a girlfriend. I think they're probably pretty pent up, that's why they can't win."

They don't even have to WIN the playoffs, just make it into the playoffs, to earn Devine's reward.