Many citizens of Cuyahoga County should be ashamed of themselves.

They are not alone, however.

They contribute to a totally out of balance society. Likely without even giving it a thought.

This trivial thinking leads to community squalor all over America.

Isn't Detroit just a perfect case.

The Detroit Tiger just signed baseball's best hitter Miguel Cabrera to a new eight year contract worth $30.25 million a year. Meanwhile, the city is bankrupt and its people deep in poverty. Really shameful.

You should think about these matters when on May 6 you go to vote on the sin tax to support the owners of three major league teams here.

What you do contributes, whether you believe it or not, to Cabrera's income.

Your "investment" supports not only Cabrera but the salary scales of many professional ball players in addition to their very much richer "owners."

They skate on your nickels and dimes. And the $290 million Issue 7 insures to them for 20 years.

Kobe Bryant $61.9 million (figures with endorsements). LeBron James $59.8. (with a Cleveland assist), Drew Brees $51 million. The list could go on to 30 baseball, football and basketball players paid more than $20 million a year.

You contribute to those outrageous salaries when you thoughtlessly say yes to heavy public subsidization of the sports business.

It's time people gave some serious thought to what they want to support in their civic life.

It's difficult to do when the news media constantly ply us with propaganda about the successes in the city.

They would not spend as much time and effort on the real needs of the city.

You can see that when people regurgitate for the camera the answer to what we should be doing with our public dollars.

Fix the potholes.

As if that was the real problem of the city.


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