Trader Joe's "Two Buck Chuck" Chardonnay Wins Prestigious Award

Charles Shaw Chardonnay, best known as "Two Buck Chuck", beat out hundreds of other wines to capture the top prize in a prestigious wine tasting competition at the California State Fair.

Wine snobs might cringe at the news, but says judge Michael Williams, "The characteristics that we look for in our gold medal winner … a nice creamy butter, fruity … it was a delight to taste."

The amazing $2 bottle available exclusively at Trader Joe's grocery stores, beat out 350 other California chardonnays to win the double gold. Second place was awarded to an $18 bottle, and one of the more expensive wines at the event ($55) didn't even place.

So why do they make such a great wine available at a discount price? Just ask winemaker Fred Franzia, who says: "We choose to sell good quality wines at $2 a bottle because we think it's a fair price. We think the other people are charging too much."

Cleveland area residents can pick up a bottle of "Two Buck Chuck" at the Trader Joe's located in the Crocker Park shopping center in Westlake.

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