Thomas Roberts Brings Shame to "Insider" with Rumored Nude Photos

Former CNN anchor Thomas Roberts has only been at his new job with "The Insider" for about a week, and already he's brought the syndicated show some embarrassment. Yesterday a blogger by the name of Kenneth Walsh posted a question about the openly gay Roberts on his website:

Which TV insider has been known to make his own headline news with these superhot nude pics of himself on the gay cruising site"

The photos don't show the guy's face, but it does feature various photos of a male in various positions. "The Insider" has so far not confirmed whether the photos are in fact those of their new anchor. When asked about the risqué photos and online profile, an "Insider" spokesman said:

"We have hired Thomas Roberts from CNN for his journalistic strengths and integrity. It is unfortunate that after four days on the job at 'The Insider,' he has become a victim of this malicious personal attack."

"The Insider", a tabloid-like news show, is no stranger to sex scandals. In 2005 host Pat O'Brien went into rehab after voicemails were leaked online of him trying to coax a woman into a threesome, which recalls the now infamous line "I want to go crazy with you."

If anything, this latest incident might actually help ratings. "The Insider" currently ranks third (tied with "Access Hollywood"), and behind "Entertainment Tonight" and "Inside Edition".

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How could you possibly bring shame to The Insider?

In today's world of "cut and paste" then can anyone believe those photo's are real?

Furthermore it saddens me to think "gays" out there are so desperate to see whats under the clothes that they will promote this crap just to get their jollies at the expense of his career.

The owner of the website should do the right thing and go in there and delete that profile.

Tom Carpenter