Steris Names New Boss

Steris Corp, a Mentor based manufcaturer of sterilization products, has named Walter M. Rosebrough Jr. to replace president and CEO Les Vinney on October 1st.

Rosebrough stated:

“I am honored that the Steris board of directors has the confidence in me to further advance the opportunities identified by Les Vinney and his management team,” he said in a statement.

The company said in a press release that said:

"We are pleased with the addition of Walt to our leadership team. He is passionate about the healthcare industry and his 20-plus years of broad operational experience, in combination with his energy, enthusiasm and long track record of success provide great confidence to the Board that he is the right person to lead STERIS," commented John P. Wareham, chairman of the STERIS Board of Directors. "With Walt's experience and determination to drive sustainable, long-term growth, we believe even greater value can be created for our shareholders by taking STERIS to another level of high performance."

Rosebrough comes to STERIS with stong creditions. He was president of Hill-Rom Company, part of a 20 year career in the health care industry. Now the 53 year old is leader of one of Northeast Ohio's most important companies as STERIS has a $1.75 Billion market cap. Their stock was up nearly 1% today as it closed at $26.94.


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