Pranksters Strike at Cavs' New Practice Facility

Danny Ferry, the Cleveland Cavaliers General Manager, was horrified when he walked into the Cavs new practice facility that opened Wednesday in Independence, Ohio. Upon entering his new office, he discovered, to his shock, that one of the walls had been painted Carolina blue with a massive North Carolina Tar Heels logo on the wall and on a window facing the court. You just don't do that to an alumni of Duke University, the Tar Heels' arch rivals.

Coach Mike Brown's office was also hit by the pranksters, who painted part of his a salmon pink color. We're not sure what the insinuation was here with the pink though...

It hasn't yet been determined just who pulled off the stunt, but it is believed that it is a member of the ownership group with some kind of ties to North Carolina. We bet owner Dan Gilbert has an idea of who might have done, as obviously they had to have gotten his approval first! The Cavs met at the facility until very late Tuesday night, so the painting had to have been done overnight by someone given access to the facility.

Danny Ferry and Mike Brown are now on a mission to discover who pulled the prank, and are vowing revenge.