PETA's Alicia Silverstone Advert Banned in Houston

That PETA advertisement that had the nation talking won't be aired in Houston after all. Comcast, who was set to air the advertisement, pulled out at the last minute fearing that it would upset their customers.

On the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals the orginzation wrote:

The folks in Houston were severely deprived yesterday, when their cable provider decided at the last minute (literally) that it would pull Alicia Silverstone's super sexy new pro-vegetarianism ad, which had already been approved and paid for.

I think PETA should send the people over at Comcast flowers (animal friendly flowers of course). They kept their advert in the news another day. Here is the advertisement in full that was banned in Houston.


I think it is too bad that PETA exploits women in an effort to stop the exploitation of animals.

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