Mark Cuban Rekindles Feud with Donald Trump

Mark Cuban, who recently made a debut on "Dancing with the Stars", has restarted an old feud with real estate mogul Donald Trump. It all started when Trump started taking pot-shots at one of Cuban's good buddies, Dan Rather.

Upon leaving the dance floor, Tony Potts from Access Hollywood informed Cuban: “In an interview today, Donald Trump was very critical of a man you know well, Dan Rather. He called him, like Donald does many people, a loser.”

Cuban quickly retorted: "Donald Trump is a first class idiot, Donald Trump, you’re an idiot."

The interview that he was referring to was an appearance Trump made on CNN's "The Situation Room", in which Trump took a shot at Rather over his recently filed $70 million lawsuit against CBS.

Trump said:

“Dan Rather is a loser. I used to say whoever represents Dan does a great job because he always was in third place and had terrible ratings and they didn’t fire him. And now finally, they get smart and fire him and he sues. Explain it to me, I don’t get it. I think he feels left out. I think he feels like a loser and that’s what he is.”

Cuban, best known for being an outspoken NBA owner, is also behind HDNET, and is Dan Rather's new boss on "Dan Rather Reports". Naturally, he came to Rather's defense, saying:

“Nothing that comes out of his mouth has any validity or any value. The reality is, you can’t go back and say Donald Trump was successful at anything other than one thing. Trump water, Trump magazine, Trump dolls, Trump steak, Trump vodka. When you’re so desperate to make a dollar, you have to put your name on everything and then you have to comment on everything because you know … you have to build everything off of denigrating somebody else.”

Cuban does have a point. When was the last time we heard anything about Trump that didn't involve him ripping on other people?