Saddam Hussein Offered to Step Down for $1 Billion

Tuesday evening it was revealed that Saddam Hussein had offered to go peacefully into exile just one month before the invasion of Iraq for a staggering $1 billion. The offer was revealed in a transcript of talks from February 2003 between George Bush and the then Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Azna at the President's ranch in Texas.

If the transcripts are legitimate, the President appeared to have been convinced that Hussein was serious about going into exile. The transcripts of the conversation were published this week in the Spanish newspaper, El Pais.

"The Eqyptians are speaking to Saddam Hussein. It seems he's indicated he would be prepared to go into exile if he's allowed to take $1 billion and all the information he wants about weapons of mass destruction," said President Bush.

And then, when Prime Minister Azna asked him if he could really leave, Bush said: "Yes that possibility exists. Or he might even be assassinated." However, he added that whatever happened, "We'll be in Baghdad by the end of March."

The White House has thus far refused to comment on the revelations, however, if it can be verified, it will most certainly raise questions of whether the pricey four-year war could have been prevented. Afterall, $1 billion is small potatoes in comparison to the entire cost of the war, and it was only just yesterday that the Bush administration asked Congress for another $200 billion to fund the war in Iraq and conflicts in Afghanistan.


President George Bush,

Ask & you shall receive ?

When all the population is about 6.6 Billion,
and you spend to destroy in the war & make the

I can't believe what is going on!

Let's all pray for Wisdom & Real God guidance
to the leaders of this world.

Are you praying that enemy sees the light and surrenders, or is being born again the means to ultimate victory?

How's that worken out for ya?

Who said Forgive YOUR ENEMY ?

Why adding more & more HATE ?

Why not DEAL with the money spent in War to create & construct a better WORLD to ALL.

Do you agree that your enemy is family in Humanity?

Good God

Another confirmation of the hard truth: the invasion and occupation of Iraq were going forward no matter who ruled Iraq. It wasn't about WMDs, it wasn't about "911". (These were just cynical marketing ploys to gain political support for the attack.) It was about securing a stable base for U.S. corporate control of resources, markets, and labor power in Asia. It still is.

Was President Bush of sound mind or was he after Saddam personally. So many questions, too much secrecy. Should President Bush have accepted Saddam's offer to step down for $1bn and go to exile? ------>

too bad nobody offered 1 billion to bush so that he would resign


This article seems to suggest that Saddam would leave Iraq if the USA gave him 1 billion dollars. No.

Saddam would leave Iraq if he were allowed to leave Iraq with 1 billion dollars that he already had. It would be Iraqi money he would be stealing.

Albeit, since it was probably oil money, most of it came from the USA, but when you buy something, the money you used to buy it is generally no longer considered yours.

Quote from article:

It seems he's indicated he would be prepared to go into exile if he's allowed to take $1 billion.

It says that he would go if allowed to TAKE $1 billion with him.

One wonders, once the Offer would have been accepted, would Sadam truly have slipped silently into the night in Egypt and what would he have been doing with the WMD information which the Press has denied he had,
(remember, Bush lied people died??) just sit on it? (or sell it?!) What about his 2 kids that were evil incarnate? And all the other crooked people in his regime? Some people think war is the worst evil. Without war, we would not have had a Free America. Without war, many of our black race might still be held in slavery, without war many of our Jewish people would not be here. Without war many evil regimes would not have been ended. How sad that many people cannot understand the need for war to stop the perpetration of evil regimes designed to enfold the rest of the world into the insidious and deceptive
lifestyles that think only of greed and corruption, killing and destruction. I say "Thank God for those men and women that have sacrificed, many their lives, so that the rest of us might live in freedom." We owe them more than we can ever know.

The fact is that Bush had every intention to invade regardless; an above blogger perhaps forgot that Bush had said that if Hussein stepped down he would NOT instigate war (gee- wonder if he were lying to us? ).

Certainly the 2 sons and other thugs could not remain as well, but bribing them all would probably have worked and saved so very many lives, not to mention that there would not have been the enormous escalation of terrorism, nor would the US have lost so many friends. The total amount of money that would have been spent would have virtually a drop in the bucket compared to what has been and will be spent. Whether it were Iraqi money they would have gotten or our giving it to these brutes, it would have in either case have saved a ton of money for both countries.

And, of course, the US along with other nations would have had to sit down in secret negotiations in order to mitigate the disorder that would obviously follow. The fact is, however, that if we didn't have to muscle our way in there, the hatred of us wouldn't have proliferated. It is even possible that it could have been done with an all-Muslim peace enforcement from varied nations.

Of course this takes judgment and genuine thinking predicated on knowledge of the pyschology of the peoples involved- qualities that the Bush administration
totally lacks.

I don't care about Saddam one way or another. The war was always based on lies so what more needs to be said?

I just finished reading a article written by 12 former army captains who say the only way we can win the war is with a draft.

No one, and I mean no one supports a draft or the tax increases necessary to pay for this war. It's a joke. It's always been a joke and the fact that this joke keeps going tells me we've lost our will and all sense of decency.