Michael Jordan's Ex-Wife Walks Aways With $168 Million

Basketball superstar Michael Jordan and his wife of 17 years separated last year, and now the divorce is nearly finalized. Jordan is now a part of one of the most expensive celebrity divorces of all time, handing over $168 million to his lovely ex-wife Juanita Jordan.

In addition to the $168 mil, Juanita will also get their seven-acre estate in Chicago, as well as custody of their three kids.

One year following their marriage, the two signed a post-nuptial agreement, which entitled Juanita to half of MJ's net worth. She hasn't quite taken half though, as the $168 million is only a third of his wealth. Nevertheless, we're sure she'll be able to "survive" on just the third. The divorce is expected to be finalized soon, as the settlement details are being finished up.


she did nothing to deserve that money

All I have to say is this.She will be in the eyes of MEN and WOMEN if she goes that way, and in return they will get 1/2 of what she has.

EZ come EZ go. If this keep going on no one will hook up any more thing that in the long run they will have to give up a 1/3 or 1/2.

Why would someone who met and married someone before they became famous, not be intitled to money and other valuables in a divorce settelment. First of all he agreed a year after marriage that she was intiled and 17 years in the game with first of all having three of his babies and putting up with all the other bull she was dealing with being married to him, I personally feel that she deserves that and then some. I would also guarantee that he was okay with giving her that little amount of money in his eyes....you haters need to get a life and be concerned with something that will be more benefical to your own well being. Furthermore this was not a situation where to idiots met one day, then married 30-60 days later and are now regretting that they will have to give up a part of their trust fund; totally different situation...rule of thumb is "10 to get in" and she put 17 more than enough.

Plus she was going to be a lawyer and gave that up to be by his side......

She is entitled for having his children and all of those years she spent with him while he was running around.

She has to live in the style she was accustomed to and so do the children. Anyway,
why should she become poor coz he wanted a new white woman?

He has plen-ty cash left.

He wanted to go...he had to pay.

Such is life.

the new gf will get 1/2 of his 2/3 and then he wiil have to give the next new gf 1/2 of his 1/3 and on and on and on.....lol!