Bad Timing Plagues Bill O'Reilly's Attack on Mark Cuban

Bill O'Reilly isn't too happy that Mark Cuban has agreed to distribute a new film called 'Redacted' that is hitting theaters this weekend across the country. O'Reilly went on his soapbox on his nightly show on FOX News saying that (video below) Cuban would have been thrown incarcerated if this movie would have been made during World War II.

O'Reilly also urged his listeners to boycott the movie and attendees of the Dallas Mavericks, which Cuban owns, home game on Thursday night bring signs reading 'support our troops'. O'Reilly apparently did not do his homework as the Mavericks are hosting 'Texas National Guard “Green Out”' that night in which all attendees will where green t-shirts urging fans to support the troops and a number where they can enlist in the national guard.

Here is O'Reilly's ill-timed tirade and a trailer to the new movie 'Redacted'.


Bill O'reilly never said boycott the movie, all he said was support the troops with signs, and he went on to say if you want to boycott than fine but then stated I am not saying boycott the movie. You might want to check your facts

You might want to check your spelling, grammar, and brain function before getting your panties in a bunch.

Evasive answers are usually the result of an uneducated individual butt hurt for being put in check on a subject he or she knew nothing about. You might want to think about that next time before you make a fool out of yourself.

remember oreillys humiliating settlement out of court (which oreilly aka FALAFELBOY vehemently insisted would never be settled out of in his infamous sexual harrasment fox news producer lawsuit? lol...good ole FALAFEL that !

Let the war begin. But keep it non-violent. That message's for you, money man Cuban. If something real bad happens to O'Reilly, I'll hold YOU responsible. You better pray nothing bad happens to O'Reilly in the near future.

Keep it clean. Peace.

Shat up youse!!

I'll hold Cuban responsible also. Should something horrible happen to Bill, I'll be the first person to send him a bottle of champagne.

party at my place!

Non violent?!! Bill O supporters are the ones phoning in threats to Cuban's employees. Nothing happen to Bill? Give me a break. Are you Bill's mom?

You'll hold Mark Cuban responsible? Like if O'Reilly has an accident, you'll go after Cuban? What movie are you living in?

Cuban has challenged to Bill to a debate on nuetral turf, not the Factor. No word that Bill has accepted and this challenged was issued nearly 24 hours ago. Is Bill Orally hiding under his desk? Me thinks he might skip out on this one but watching him spin his way out is going to be lots of fun.

Maybe he'll accept. I do know that he loves to talk on the phone.

Riiiiight! "FOX News/The Factor" banner behind Bill's desk would be an unfair advantage against Cuban. Cuban + Olberman vs. Bill.... that would be FAIR.

The reason Cuban wants to debate O'Reilly on neutral turf is so that O'Reilly won't be able to cut Cuban's mike rather than let him speak, as O'Reilly would be sure to do on the Factor.

It's very curious that Bill O'Reilly has this unconditional respect for the military. Does anyone here know what branch of the military Bill O served in? I can't seem to find that information on the Internet.

Also, did anyone notice that FOX news failed to mention that on Veteran's Day, President Bush didn't attend the wreath laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetary? Curious...

I have unconditional respect for U.S. military. So do 90% americans.

So I guess everyone commenting has seen "Redacted"? Interesting. Where and when did people see this film? Also, is it untrue that American troops have committed atrocities in Iraq, including the rape and murder of a teenage girl?

Is it you? What are you doing here?

Remember Billo has not yet seen the film.

What's wrong with this film, Bill? It's a documentary that happens to show some soldiers up to some naughty stuff. I doubt this was part of their mission. Were these soldiers not charged with crimes? Exposing the truth is not unAmerican. It bothers me how you can call someone patriotic, idiotic, or unAmerican for the same thing, depending on what your views are. When O'Rly says someone is being Un-American, he must really mean patriotic.

Here's the transcript, in which Bill-O calls Cuban "anti-American":

Example No. 2: Texas billionaire Mark Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks, has financed a movie that portrays American soldiers in Iraq as murderers and rapists.

There is no question this film will incite anti-American hatred around the world, but Cuban doesn't care and has lashed out at me for reporting the situation:


MARK CUBAN, 'REDACTED' EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Well, this guy's never seen the movie, but he's out there threatening Mark Cuban, if you really move, I'm coming after you. Like it really hurts, right, you know. But at the same time, there is every bit of me that just wants to say, Bill O'Reilly is a moron.


Okay — this is for you, Mr. Cuban: I would never sit through a movie that shows American troops raping and murdering a 14-year-old girl... ever.

While you're "Dancing With the Stars," sir, hundreds of thousands of brave military people are risking their lives so you can do the mambo without fear of some terrorist blowing you up. Your arrogance is horrifying.

During World War II, President Roosevelt might have incarcerated Mark Cuban and General Patton would have slapped the tar out of him. But today, Cuban's anti-American actions are ignored in many quarters. That must change.

So I am asking Dallas Mavericks ticket holders to bring signs to the arena that say "Support the Troops." Very simple: "Support the troops." In that way, Cuban might get the message.

And if any movie theater in your neighborhood shows this vile film "Redacted," let's stand in front of the theater with the same sign: "Support the troops."

Even if you disagree with the Iraq war, even if you dislike President Bush, no loyal American should support an enterprise that incites hatred against America.

For some reason, Mark Cuban has a grudge against this country. In a free society he's entitled to that. He's not entitled to put our troops in even more danger.

And that's The Memo.

If you find yourself agreeing with Bill O'Reilly more often than not, you are a stupid person.

Really. You should be ashamed of yourself. Do you know that you're stupid? Your friends and family might be afraid to tell you, so I will.

Stupid. You.

AND....If you find yourself disagreeing with Bill O'Reilly more often than not, you don't understand the difference between good and evil.

Really. You should know that although Bill can be arrogant and sensational, he is correct most of the time. Do you know that it is a blessing to have people like O'Reily to stir the pot? Your friends and family might be closed-minded as well, so you hide amongst fellow sheep.

I feel sorry for you.

Why did Mr. Cuban highlight the negative our soldiers, when highlighting the positive would be much more reflective of our military personal and would have gained him a much wider audience and more money. I wounder, lets think.

If your eloquent and articulate view of Mr. O'Reilly is a indication of the intelligence of you and your friends and family then I think I'll continue watching Mr. O'Reilly.

Shut up about Bill or he'll attack you with a falafel.

Do any of you idiots have friends and family in Iraq right now? I do, and this film will do nothing but help create a hostile environment around the world. The rapists depicted in the film are in prison and media covered their crime already. You really have to step back and ask why this film is being made. If it's goal is to drag my friends and family through the mud and demonize them, that's borderline treasonous. I don't like Bill O'Reilly, but he's right on this one. Perhaps i'll make a movie about arrogant elitist bloggers who commit suicide one day when they realize how pathetic their life is. Maybe Brian DePalma would direct it. Have a great night guys, go watch the movie and then pontificate on how "bold" and "patriotic" it is to needlessly besmirch our troops, who volunteer to serve this country, this republic. Good night.

It looks like Cuban is supporting the troops by giving away 20k shirts and telling people to enlist.

As for the movie, it is a fact that the incident happened at something to learn from. Why do Republicans hate anything that has to deal with facts and reason?

This is not about politics... this movie will lead to more attacks against Americans. Freedom should not be a free pass to endanger others. There is a very important responsibility that accompanies our freedom. Freedom is a very important concept largely misunderstood and we often take it for granted.

Protecting America

Another casuality of the Fox News. It looks like they have completed brainwashed you. One day you will realize that you have been lied to and it will be a sad, sad day as the party of "morality" strips you away of your rights, your job, your social security, ect ect

...and how they're used to hide behind "terrorism" to make something that was once - in the past 20 years, no less - considered a VERY Patriotic thing to do - point out a problem, and something bad, so that other Americans REALIZE it's happened. History repeats itself, but only because we don't pay attention to history.

If you take away the freedom to report the truth, no matter the enormity, no matter how horrific, you have destroyed Freedom to its core.

I'm getting sick and tired of pundits and puppets talking about how it's bad for us to say something negative about some BAD SOLDIERS, because it "makes it more dangerous."

Newsflash, as a Marine, I can tell you, it ain't gonna get any more dangerous. They already hate us, they're already going to hurt us. If anything, airing this out and saying "Hey, look, we have bad people, we've punished them and made their crime a public case," will make us look honest and humble. Humility is definitely lacking in this country's White House.

Freedom is not about who fights for what, but it's about being free to express whatever you want, whenever you want. Sure, there's limits - lying about someone (slander/libel) isn't expression of belief, it's an attack. Read your history books, folks, it's this very mindset that nearly lost us the American Revolution - "but if we talk bad about the King, he'll make it tougher on us!"

Wake up and smell the coffee. You're being played by the politicians who want you to think that it's okay to limit our freedoms and our rights.

Great post. Thanks for serving our country and belated Happy Veterans Day to you.

Your statement is foolish. You generalize all republicans as being hateful. I am offended by that remark. The problem with this film is that our enemy will use it as a propaganda tool to recruit more terrorists, not to mention fill the minds of uneducated far left morons with even more hate for our military. Lets not forget that if not for our military, morons like cuban wouldnt have the freedom to hurt America in this manner. This is a time of WAR, not a time for hate breeding mental retards to break the moral of our soldiers who are doing their jobs to keep Americans free and to alleviate oppression.

Yah I do. I served for 3 years. It's already a hostile environment you dumb shit. Get your head out of your ass and pay attention. stop sending me and my buds for bullshit sandbox duty when you're too chicken shit to send yourself.

i piss on your mother. and i fought for my right to do so.

This is clearly a character issue: a person of Mark Cuban's technical background, knowledge of international media and his multi-faceted influence, should understand that the distribution of this kind of material will surely inspire anti-American, Islamic fundamentalists to recruit, respond, attack and kill American soldiers and civilians.

The material is already being shown throughout the middle east.

To deny this fact is absurdity in its purist form. Mark Cuban's behavior indicates where his heart really is.... in pursuit of profit by means of promoting anti-American messages to be spread thoughout the world. He is no American "idol" in my eyes... and will not be able to "tap-dance" his way from being accountable for this.

I will spread the word that anything or anyone associated with Mark Cuban will be discounted and dealt with appropriately.

Spreading the word,

Enemies of America will not be shown the whole film. Crazed muslims like those comprising Al Qaeda, Al Jazeera, and other Arab organizations will show the rape and murder scene over and over and tell the ignorant muslims of the world either that this is "actual footage" or that it is indicative of all American troops. As such it would be used as a recruiting tool to kill more US soldiers and ultimately innocent American civilians.

It would be like making a Clinton biographical movie, then taking only the footage of the naked Monica and Clinton romping and prancing in the Oval Office on Sunday mornings, then showing those porn scenes over and over to the ignorant peoples of the world, and saying that is "actual footage" of how all presidents behave.

... you mean sort of like that “The Path to 9/11”
documentary"dramatization" that one of the major networks aired a few years ago, or like the biographical movie about Ronald Reagan that never aired due to protests about the way it portrayed him?

For those who can handle the truth,