Second-Hand Heroin Smoke Is Hazardous To Your Health

Just ask Amy Winehouse's tour manager, Thom Stone. Stone has quit her tour after his doctor found heroin in his system. A source says that Thom was passively inhaling heroin smoke from the tour bus, which has endangered his health.

Thom reportedly showed Winehouse a note from his doctor stating that heroin was found in his system, and Wino thought it was a joke.

According to the source, “He was watching them get off their heads on drugs and wondering whether Amy was even going to get up on stage. It was a nightmare job.”

Another source close to Winehouse said that she wanted to get rid of him anyways, so it worked for the best anyways. Having a non-smack addicted manager must be a real buzz kill on tour.

Amy Winehouse is set to play in gig in Glasgow this evening, but her tour is in doubt after a disastrous performance on Wednesday in Birmingham.