Former Pitcher Mark Littell Pitches "Nutty Buddy"

Mark Littell, a former Major League Baseball pitcher with the Kansas City Royals and Seattle Mariners in the 1970's and 1980's, is pitching something new these days: the Nutty Buddy athletic cup. Littell says that he's come up with a better cup, and is willing to prove it.

In a clever marketing pitch, Littell has taken a video of himself getting hit right between the legs with a pitching machine at a very close range. The video has already amassed more than 50,000 views, and has inspired others to make similar videos.

Littell claims that it is more comfortable and does a better job at protecting than traditional cups as it is closer shaped to the male anatomy. Priced at $20, the Nutty Buddy is also twice as expensive as the regular ones.

Littell reports to having sold about 3,500 online, and is looking to sign a deal with Bike Athletic.


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