Girl Finds Weird Note & Books Inside iPod Box

A father from the Washington D.C. area gave his daughter what he thought was an iPod this Christmas. But come Christmas day, when the girl opened up the box, instead of finding an iPod she found a wacky note.

The note read: "Reclaim your mind the from the media shackles. Read a book and resurrect yourself. To claim your capitalistic garbage go to your nearest Apple Store." Also inside the iPod box were a few books about leading a more enlightened life.

The girl's dad thus returned the iPod to WalMart where he had initially purchased it, and received a full refund. Apparently, the WalMart store explained that this same thing had happened to another person, and that Apple is responsible for it.

It's the the first time that strange things have turned up in iPod boxes. Last time it was rocks. Somewhere out there, someone is having a few laughs, perhaps it is an Apple employee.


Makes me wish I had an image of that so I could buy an iPod, put that note in it, keep the iPod, and get a full refund so I'd get an iPod for free.

But then, the "capitalistic garbage" as this note refers to it was apparently copied using some magic as tree dwellers don't have copies of newspapers to cut out and a photocopier to work at a "corporation" to put it in a box.


That note was written on a typewriter, Lauren.