Golfweek Magazine Reignites "Lynch Tiger Woods" Controversy

The new Golfweek Magazine is in the news, not for some great piece that breaks any news but for the "lynch Tiger Woods" story that cannot seem to go away. I wonder how poorly circulation over at Golfweek Magazine is these days? To run such photograph is just begging for attention.

PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem issued a statement that read:

“[W]e consider Golfweek’s imagery of a swinging noose on its cover to be outrageous and irresponsible. It smacks of tabloid journalism. It was a naked attempt to inflame and keep alive an incident that was heading to an appropriate conclusion.”

Golfweek editor Dave Seanor countered by saying:

“Was it an arresting image? Yes, it was…We chose it because it was an image we thought would draw attention to an issue we thought deserved some intelligent dialogue.”

Do you think that Golfweek is just desperate for attention or do you believe that the topic and picture is well timed?


At a time in society and history when we are trying to understand each other there will be indiscretions made that are not ill spirited; just ill-timed and a mistake. Kelly is not the bigot or racist but the whole lot over at Golfweek who stir the flames of devisiveness for their ill gotten gains of magazine sales.

The picture is the dumbest thing I have ever seen on a sport magazine!!!! The editors probably put a noose around their own careers. It's time people treat others they would want to be treated.

We must understand positive and negative history. The noose was negative history and the editor should have explored the history of the noose more carefully. It is a tough lesson but some lessons are tougher than others. I hope it does not appear on other magazine covers.

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