Jim Brown Won't Let the Tiger Woods "Lynching" Comment Die

Cleveland Browns legend Jim Brown was critical of Tiger Woods handling of the recent controversy when golf commentator Kelly Tilghman made a reference to "lynching" Tiger Woods. Woods came to Tilghman's defense and basically said it wasn't a big deal. Well, it was a big deal to Brown, who many feel is the best running back ever to suit up in the NFL.

"He should have come out right away. Instead, he waited until it was politically correct [to comment]," Brown said. "The word 'lynch' ... there is no redeeming part of it.

"When you say lynch, you're gonna have to pay the price," Brown continued. "That is a very embarrassing word, a humiliating one, in the history of our country."

Tilghman was suspended for two weeks without pay by the Golf Channel and Golfweek Magazine fanned the flames with last week printing an rope and a caption that read "Caught on a Noose". Isn't it time to let this story die already?

Here is the entire interview Brown gave today on ESPN.


People say stupid things...nobody speaks without saying something wrong from time to time. Tilghman will live with her poor choice of words for the rest of her life. Sure, Jim Brown was a great athlete...big deal, so was O.J. Simpson. But like O.J., people are innocent until proven guilty and nobody can say for sure what her intent was when she made the comment. I've heard Jim Brown say quite a few things that I wish I hadn't had to listen to but I had no choice...we live in a country that allows free speech. In my opinion, Tilghman really didn't say what she said to be provocative...I wonder if JB could say the same above all his statements. I wish Tilghman would've used the expression "take out the kneecaps" instead...of course, Italians would've probably been offended by that comment, as well as former NFL running backs, who might feel the comment is insensitive toward those individuals that suffer from knee injuries. It was a stupid comment and a mistake...the world has changed and continues to get better. Look in the mirror Jim Brown...you are far from perfect.

This goes beyond stupid things being said. To lynch is to intimidate an entire class of people by taking its stronger members in broad daylight while women and children watch helplessly as they are stung up on the highest tree and hung by the neck to die while others cheer and sometimes eat pick nik style underneath the body. this was a disgusting choice of words laced with hatred and intimidation,she should have been fired from her post. Why fire the editor for showing a nose to illustrate the seriousness of what was said and give her a pat on the wrist.

seattle, you must be a complete moron. Her comment was NOT laced with hatred and intimidation. It was a stupid comment made when the other anchor was joking about how the younger golfers would need to gang up on Tiger to beat him. She and Tiger Woods are friends and even he knew it was a stupid remark that had no hatred or bias behind it. Grow up and stop looking for racism in every little thing that's said.

Jim Brown was paid to run the football. This reporter is paid to speak. And sure people say dumb things, but commentators get fired for it. She is lucky. Last I checked Jim Brown was and is the standard when it comes to RB. He also is outspoken for civil rights. He was the best at what he was supposed to do. We have all said things we regret, and usually we all pay the price for saying those things. I agree. I am not african-american, but there is no place for that vocabulary. And indeed it is a free country...you are free to say racial comments, but you will still pay the price. What does OJ Simpson have to do with civil rights? And we are all allowed to comment on this...but Jim Brown has a platform he intends to use.

Tiger had no problem with the woman paying him a compliment why does Jim Brown or anybody else have a problem with it? She could have said the only way to beat him is to kidnap him, shoot him, break his arms, etc. but I imagine some would have a problem with that also. Anyone thinking she actually meant that someone should harm him is just plain stupid. She's just saying he's about unbeatable. And since when does lynch automaticaly mean anything derogatory. Most states hung people as a way of execution with a "noose". (Ohhhhhh,I said noose) Horse thieves were lynched when caught. People and governments have been Hanging and lynching people for thousands of years and it's not color specific so get over it and do something constructive with your time. Al sharptom wakes up every morning just looking for ways to further divide races.

Here Here tell it like it is

"this was a disgusting choice of words laced with hatred and intimidation,she should have been fired from her post."

Oh for chrissake you do NOT know that her motives were 'laced with hatred and intimidation'. Anyone with a shred of common sense could listen to the tape of her ill-advised comment would easily determine that to be the case.

Kelly apologized. Tiger accepted it. Folks of your ilk that are in such a damn hurry to get offended about SOMETHING need to move on with your life and get over it. Tiger did a long time ago.

It amazes me how still today there are so many racial slips of the tongue by professionals on t.v.Remember Jimmy the Greek? If you black you do.There are just as many female racism as males but we don't talk about that.I've had whites friends I have known for years slip and say the N word.IN Tiger's upper crush world man it is easy to forget, but wait until there are comments that slip out concerning his child and watch the reaction of Mr.Woods.I hope Kelly learned a human lesson for a human mistaken.I don't want to hear about on don't you know that History repeats itself.

Jim Brown stopped being a role model and leader years ago when he started beating women.

It's very interesting to read how so many are eager
to dismiss the word "Lynch" when the meaning of this for African Americans has been in the news for most of 2007 ! I challege these people to go back and look at the images of black men, women and children
burned bodies that were hanging from those nooses! I want them to imagine these were their relatives hung
for the most minute reason. I do not think she meant any ill will but again as a public figure Kelly
should have known better! Tiger Woods is a brillant
Golfer. I do admire him for his game but at the same time Tiger must realize why would Kelly with all the words she could have used to describe his skills? Why
would she use the word "Lynch". That is a reference to his History as a Black Man! If not, We would not be engaged in this conversation!

If Mickelson were dominating the PGA and Tilghman would've used the same words regarding him, none of this would even be an issue and a 30 year employee would still have his job at Golfweek. The reality is Tilghman and Tiger are friends. And as hard as it is for certain "individuals" in society to accept the fact that most people don't care what color skin a person has but rather, care more about a person's character. Tilghman doesn't look at Tiger and see a black man who dominates the PGA...She sees what most of the world sees when they look at Tiger...the most amazing golfer that has ever played the game...An extremely talented and also very fortunate man (who has done pretty well in life) in a game that "WAS" once elitist and filled with racial barriers. In my opinion, Tilghman's slip up was mainly due to the fact that she looks at Tiger without seeing the color of his skin. Remember...had she said that the young players need to "lynch " Phil, nobody would've batted an eye. Shouldn't our objective in life be to treat everyone the same? Isn't her slip up merely an indication that we are getting there? She didn't think..."Oh, wait, Tiger is black...I better not use the word "lynch"." She just said the rest of the tour wants to get rid of him in any possible way. There are people who want to perpetuate hate and racism because it either earns them a very good living or gives them great excuses for not realizing their dreams. It's apparent to me that the world has and continues to change and my world continues to become more and more color blind. I see people of all color achieving their dreams...Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Colin Powell, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods...I mean seriously! My world is a different place than that of my parents and their parents and I'm tired of hearing how we have to pay for the sins of our forefathers. We "ALL" need to stop being so sensitive. Yes, I am a white male...and I know that there are topics, words and expressions that are off limits and I do my best to respect the feelings of others...but...at some point the double standards must stop. We all have to either stop taking ill thought out comments so seriously or start treating all others the way we want to be treated. Everyone has said something that made them cringe afterwards because they didn't "mean it that way". We have to learn to laugh at ourselves and not take our differences so seriously...oh, and Kelly Tilghman should be forgiven...Tiger did.

We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.

Brown may have been the great running back but he lost all credibility when he stated showing his own racism. A pedifile while he wsa a player, and a woman beater during and after, why should we listen to him?

I am a black man who grew up in the sixties. I agree totally with Joe Schmidt. We are entirely too sensitive about race. My goodness, I just want to see a phenomenal golfer. Farrell Evans of Sport's Illustrated thinks he should have said more, and that he should see himself as the heir to Jackie Robinson as much as he sees himself as the heir of Jack Nicklaus. I say his action do follow in what Jackie Robinson did, Branch Rickey selected Jackie because he wanted someone of not only atheletic prowess, but of superior intellgence to deal with the racial hatred and on slaught the most vile racism during some of the darkest days of our history. Tiger handled the Kelly Tilghman gaffe in the spirit of Jackie Robinson. Kelly meant absolutely no harm, the Golf Channel spends an enormous amount of air time covering Tiger, they love him like we all do. He's about to make history this year. The first grand slam inside of one year. Don't bother him with this mess, just let him play.

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