New Kids on the Block Are Not Going on a Reunion Tour

Despite the official New Kids on the Block site being resurrected, and reports from People that there would be an announcement in a couple of weeks about the reunion - it's not likely to happen. Original member Danny Wood posted a bulletin on his MySpace"

Hello to everyone. Hope all is well and everyone is enjoying the New Year. I wanted to address the rumors of the NKOTB Reunion Tour. There has been no talk of this and you are getting it from source directly. Never say never, and you can't believe everything you read. On another note my solo record will be released in Australia in March. There are a few new songs on it and I hope you guys will check it out. Thank you so much for your continued support. Dwood

At Dlisted, one of their readers reports that NKOTB are working on a reality television show in which they look for new members, rather than a reunion tour. So NKOTB may be reuniting on screen, but not on tour.


Danny also posted the following in a bulletin off his myspace page..

Hi to all the New Kids On The Block fans, I wanted to clarify since my first post this morning regarding the NKOTB reunion. I loved being a part of the group, and have always thought "maybe someday we'll get back together" – you just never know when your someday will come. I can guarantee all the fans that if this reunion were to happen, they would hear about it first on

Danny Wood

well theyre on tour right now
soooo, you were wrong.