First There Was Cocaine, Now There is Blow Energy Drink

Remember all the outrage when Redux Beverages introduced a energy drink called Cocaine? Well, a new product is sure to garner attention for its name is out. Blow Energy Drink is not being too subtle. Their slogan is "Pure Uncut Energy". Buyers receive a white powder that you mix into a drink and comes with a credit card and mirror to "cut" the product.

Of course Blow Energy Drink, which of course is slang for Cocaine, doesn't contain any illicit ingredients. It does pack a powerful punch with 240 milligrams of caffeine and about 2000 milligrams of taurine.

Their advertising contains young ladies who are barely dressed. When they are dressed, they wear t-shirts that read "I Love Blow".

Of course, with a name is for marketing purposes. Will it work? They seem to be selling by the bucket load so right now yes. Will it last? Probably not.

Here is a television segment on its growing popularity.


I personally think Blow is awesome and can actually get teens away from cocaine and into Blow only.

Submitted by Fred (not verified) on February 12, 2008 - 1:45am.

I personally think Blow is awesome and can actually get teens away from cocaine and into Blow only.

you sir dont know nothing about addictions LAL

coke seems to me like something worse then energy drinks and i know that if you compare coke with an energy drink that (if its about the rush) i would choose coke lol

I personally think it will induce teens to try coke. I mean, come on! if it gives you the rush like coke does, why drink it? You can just do coke and get the immediate rush and love it. Let's not be naive our children will do it regardless of marketing or anything else.

Shut up.

Ok, so why doesn't the FDA and the police go after Coca-Cola for marketing "Coke"? It's because a few parents who obiviously don't spend enough time with their kids, so instead of being a responsible parent they think that the federal government should be responsible for them.


Take responsibility for you and your lack of parenting skills. If you don't want your kid to be a "substance abuser", spend more time with them. It's not rocket science (I know because I'm a physics major).

if you think they didnt go after Coke-a-cola Co. you obviously never heard how they use to have coke [real coke] in it! They obviously dont anymore, but are now instead a lagit company. Over reactive about the name much!?! Get over it! [coke, not Blow]

There is A MAJOR difference in Coke pop verses blow energy SHIT! 1] Coke [pop] cans / pop dosnet look like a drug 2] Coke [pop] doesnt advertise criminal activity like blow dose 3] Coke [pop] is not purposely sold / packaged to look like a drug 4] Coke [pop] is not advertised w/ half naked chicks, etc, but rather with actual creativity and legit commercials. I could go on but Im not going to wast any more of my idiot! [and BTW, just because you're a physics major does not mean your kids could not still be subject to drug experimenting...]

Both sides of this epidemic have merit. Parents need to be responsible and PARENT their children and - this IS America - companies have the right to market thier products.
However, this particular product (and others like it) should be subject to the same "Sin Taxes" as tobacco and alchohol. If there is evidence that the use of this product can harm your health, then tax them. We'll wind up footing the bill for those who can't afford medical care after they've indulged so why not issue a tax for this eventuality? They do it to tobacco, do it for these types of products as well.
Additionally, parents should know that the sale of "fake" cocaine carries the same charges as the real stuff. If any kids think they'll get away with selling it for purposes other that those intended, think again, IT'S STILL GOING TO BE A FELONY! Hopefully, schools will treat it this way also.

lol...if its being sold at stores, then no, they wont be charged for it looking like real coke! LOL! THey might get in trouble at school it that school doesnt not approve of it, the same way the would not be charges for possession of legal [fake] weed that looks like the real thing...because it's LEGALLY sold! DUH! Like I said, the only way kids would get in trouble was if the schools didnt want it on their campus, or they were trying to sell it to other kids as if it really was coke! but thanks for the laugh!

I LOVE BLOWW!! It got me off of cocaine. <3