Minnesota Man Claims He Took Drugs & Had Sex with Barack Obama in 1999

Barack Obama now faces a new challenge - one that is sure to be much more scandalous than anything he's seen so far. If the allegations are to be believed, it's also a scandal that his campaign has tried to cover up. A Minnesota man has come forth, claiming that he took cocaine in 1999 with Obama, the then-Illinois legislator, and participated in homosexual acts with him.

Larry Sinclair, the man making the claims, said his story was ignored by the news media. Still not willing to let this one slip quietly under the rug, Sinclair made a YouTube video in which he made his case. It's had over half a million views already, but the story has still been largely ignored by the news media.

Sinclair's next step was to file a suit in Minnesota District Court, in which he alleges threats and intimidation by the Democratic presidential candidate's staff.

Still out to prove that he is telling the truth, Sinclair said he is willing to submit to a polygraph test. A website (WhiteHouse.com) has come forth offering him $10,000 for the right to record the polygraph test, and another $100,000 if he passes it.

Sinclair lives in Duluth, Minnesota, and in his filing, charges that his civil rights have been violated by Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. Obama, David Axelrod of AKP Message & Media in Chicago, and the Democratic National Committee have been named as defendants in the case.

Sinclair, who describes himself as gay, claims they met in an upscale Chicago lounge. They left in Sinclair's limo, where the drug use and sex allegedly took place for the first time. Sinclair says that Obama smoked crack cocaine, and that he snorted powder cocaine provided by Obama.

Sinclair, 46, says that he no longer uses drugs. He claims to be physically disabled, but says that he was not physically impaired in 1999 when they met.

Regarding the claims, Sinclair said:

"My motivation for making this public is my desire for a presidential candidate to be honest. I didn't want the sex thing to come out. But I think it is important for the candidate to be honest about his drug use as late as 1999."

Check out Larry Sinclair's YouTube Videos and his claims against Barack Obama:

There are several other videos he made in response to the first video, and other's inquiries. Check those out here.


Because the rules that apply to ordinary mortals apparently don't apply to the Anointed One.

It's because Obama is a black man! The media is afraid of being called racist, so they give him speacial treatment.

Larry Flynt investigated and found that 5 Senate republicans had recent affairs while impeaching Clinton. Flynt also investigated Bush for 8 months and found that he paid for the abortion of his own baby in 1972 when abortion was illegal. He had 4 affidavits from the womans girlfriends, and the woman herself said she wouldn't say anything to hurt George Bush. They knew the Doctor that performed the abortion and that G H W Bush's campaign manager escorted the woman to the clinic. Flynt called Crossfire on October 20th, 2000 and told the story.
Its also Texas court record that George Bush was given a special favor to get in the National Guard to dodge the draft. All you have to do is google Ben Barnes, the 1968 Texas speaker of the House who testified under oath about this. Both of these true stories were ignored by the media, while something so obviously fake is getting some coverage. We live in a sad world.

And just what is your proof that makes this "obviously fake"? As you said, true stories regarding George Bush were ignored by the MSM, so perhaps this is another one that they will give the same treatment.

I'm an American living in Nanjing, China. I read this story in a Chinese newspaper two days ago. Couldn't believe that any reputable newspaper would report on this non-news idiocy. I scanned the article and posted it here:


Once again America has fallen behind! This goes to show how much China is paying attention to what's happening in the United States. The number one reason why experience is so important in this campaign election year! American have to vote for McCain or Clinton!

check your source and do your research before posting stupid stuff....check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lq9QMOcD_w8

This is that stupid blogger for the Obama campaign Murry. He's been stalking Sinclair on all over the internet. Give it a rest. PROVE HIS CASE!!! Learn the facts, Sinclairs does not in Texas. Just because someone is wearing a t-shirt with Texas on it, doesn't mean they live there... stop spinning the facts. Check your sources is correct! The press has already identified where Sinclair lives!

I agree, that dude Murry is whack job alone. All those Obama supporter who blog are crazy! All they want to talk about is black power and how holy, god- like Obama is... it scary what they say! Obama does not reminds me of JFK, the more this unfolds the more he reminds me of JJ..... Jim Jones!

Check your fact is right.

I have a more entertaining video from youtube..


I really highly suspect that the Hillary campaign is behind all these. They hit out at McCain big today - the same New York Times that endorsed her!!! Then the same paper will now complete the circle by writing dirt about Obama - will we now say that they have been biased against Obama? No! Simply by striking first at McCain, the Hillary campaign has brilliantly shown who is number one in dirty tricks.

The media is biased against Obama? Have you read any of the comments? The majority, other than the hired Obama bloggers, believe that the media has been biased against Clinton. Haven't you noticed the clashes between the McCain and Obama camp lately? Is Clinton your favorite scapegoat? Of course, because she is the most competent person for President and has always been. Name a President who hasn't cheated or done drugs and you will not find a woman on that list. Please, paid Obama blogger, be more objective and let's talk facts here.

Harrison, get a reality checkup! The public is quick to cast judgement onto someone else, rather than trying to seek the truth! That's whats wrong with our country today! No one is willing to accept responsibility for their actions! It's more acceptable to spin the turth, and blame someone else! The Clinton's would have more to loose than anyone here! No matter what your opinion about the Clintons, they are not stupid people! The democratic party owes The Clintons a great deal of gratitude!

Besides, the Sinclair story has been talked about, on the internet, way before Barrack Obama gained in the polls. The Larry Sinclair issue has be searched back to the early fall 2007. It's been on Youtube since January 2008. It was not until recently, whitehouse.com took leadership, by getting to the truth. The story started gaining more momentum. As an American, I want the truth, no matter how painful!

The mainstream media has suppressed the Larry Sinclair situation, as the press did the John McCain story. Harrison, before speaking out, do some research! The New York Times endorsed TWO candidates: Hillary Clinton and John McCain! GET THE FACTS PLEASE! You casting judgement on people without having knowledge!

It was reported, The New York Times had the John McCain story for months. Published it until only recently. I'm a John Mccain supporter! But, if the New York Times can prove the case more, the republicans are screwed! McCain will be done! Where does this leave the republican party? With Huckabee! Mike Huckabee, can not win a general election! Had the story about John McCain broke in December, as scheduled, the election would may have had a different outcome.

The conservatives, are now jumping to McCain's defense, because the NYT is a liberal newspaper, that endorsed McCain. This is not about conservative or liberal, not matter how much spin McCain's camp offers. It's about the truth! The New York Times is a highly respected newspaper, the reporters writing the story are seasoned. My guess here is, more to the story than is being printed. If that's the case, it now a head lock between McCain's lawyer Bennett and the NYT. Which does not favor McCain! Both parties reputation are on the line here. Frankly, if the NYT knows more, I for one, wish they would print it. Better to know now, before the general election, than in the fall. There is one thing for sure, the Democrats will surely be reviewing this story with deatils for ammunition in November .

Why will MSM print a tawdry article smashing John McCain and not at least present the existence of these allegations against Obama? Ann Coulter has called Edwards "a faggot," Bill Mahr called Guiliani "a transsexual" - Then MSNBC said Hillary "pimped out" Chelsea. Also, they revisited Bill Clinton by saying that Hillary could only run for President as people felt sorry for her as her husband was unfaithful. How come Obama gets a free ride?

As a fellow professional journalist, I simply can not believe there's an editor in America who would have allowed this garbage to appear. This, in my opinion, is a sackable offense. It is the job of a journalist to listen to the rantings of the lunatics and then to investigate their legitimacy.

What was the name of the limo driver who allegedly picked them up from the lounge? What other witnesses could corroborate this story? If this character can't come up with a shred of evidence other than a lawsuit he's filed in Minnesota, then under no circumstances is this a legitimate news story.

Whoever owns the Cleveland Leader needs to ask serious questions of their editorial leadership.

I'm guessing you're not even in college yet. Such naivete would also explain how you either don't know, or were too young to remember, the furor over Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones when Bill Clinton was campaigning for office. The media were on those scandals like flies on candy and dragged out the stories for weeks.

This story is not about sex! how cares about that. its about drug usage in 1999. NO sex.

In a related story, rumors are now surfacing of an affair between Hillary Clinton and a long time campaign aide from early 2000. Watch this space!

My I inform you here, the rumors about Sen. Clinton are not just "now" surfacing. These rumors were started by Karl Rove, years ago, in an attempt to prevent the Senator from being elected.

Additionally, when that dirty tricks did not work, Rove leaked to a top government agency to have some of the Senator staff investigated for being "spies" for other countries. May I also add, tax payers money was used to do this with. NO evidencem not one ounce of truth to warrant the allegations. Do only because Rove order it action. All related allegations against Senator Clinton and her staff were proved to have no merit or foundation! If there is one thing that could be said for Senator Clinton, she has been completely vetted! Karl Rove's conservative republican army has made sure of that fact!

I would also like to add, during this period, questions was raised about a top long time Bush senior advisor sexuality. Where this issue was cast into light, the long time loyal advisor was cast from the White House like a hot potato. "Resign" "spend more time with family". At a later date, she was given a new position with another department. Note to selves, when you here "resign to spend more time with family." Translation, trouble on the home front!

Also, you may find it interesting to note, when media starts investigating allegations, both sides of the coin are investigated. Ironically, it was discovered, the person who started the back door mud slinging... Karl Rover, father had taken his own life, after he was out 'ed for being a homosexual.

So, who ever posted this comment, "In a related story, rumors", it's not a funny! The moral of the story here, what goes around comes around!

Gee, let’s ask Tucker Carlson and John Fund - hardly standard-bearers for the liberal media - since they were both falsely acccused of sexual improriety by two DIFFERENT crazy people. Look it up.

Type in either one of their names and the word “rape” into Google and you’ll see it for yourself.

Any loon can make a charge against someone.

As Carlson said, it used to be that when a sex scandal broke, if the actual charge wasn’t true, at least something was - the candidate or person accused did something sexual.

Then he was accused of rape in Louisville by some woman. He spent thousands of dollars not only proving he wasn’t there at the time of the alleged rape - but also that he had never been to Louisville in this entire life!!!!

Perhaps the standard of accuracy in a major media-story should be a little higher than a self-recorded You Tube video, a self-respresented case filed in Federal Court (which would accept my lawsuit against the moon for shining too bright - if I had the filing fee) and interviews by people who’s blogs make Oliver Stone movies look like recorded bits of actual history.

Come on!

Does anyone else notice how, the more groupies Obama gets, the more blatant becomes his lifting of others' speeches and ideas? It's as if he thinks he's so golden no one would even notice that he hasn't offered an original thought in weeks/months. Deval Patrick may have given him permission to use his crib notes, but I'm betting Hillary Clinton and John Edwards didn't. And now on some sites his followers are accusing Hillary of plagiarism for using "change" and "hope". This is all scaring the heck out of me because people have stopped thinking.

"The lunatics are in charge of the asylum."

Yes, I have noticed this. I have also notice, his campaign has started to market him like a brand. It's really scary to watch! The Democrat I am sure are loving it... Obama is their cash cow!

Here is anothe example of Obama stealing a speech, this time from John Edwards.

Wonderful reporting, Cleveland Leader and Julie (Julie who?). No attempts to verify any claims or confirm the story? You just run allegations from any random person without any interest in their veracity?

What a bunch of hacks.

I can't believe we are even having this discussion. The fact that someone with the name Barack Hussein Obama could even be mentioned in the same sentence as the US presidency is absurd. What is American about Barack Hussein Obama? What is this, the first step in a Muslim takeover. Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden means nothing to people anymore? I know he CLAIMS to be christian , but I know one thing, Hillary is no Muslim that's 100% sure. Are their policies really that much different Clinton and Obama? Why take that chance? I'm not a fan of her, I'll be voting Republican. But I would vote for Hillary way before I vote for someone with a Muslim name and background. Someone who doesn't know to or care to or refuses to salute the flag during the pledge or anthem, grew up not even in this country, without a father, and has admitted smoking dope and using cocaine as a young adult. I don't even call myself a religous person, I just know that Muslims hate America and why take the chance?

Prove he's a Muslim or STFU.

George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson...Barack Hussein Obama. WTF is this world coming to.

Radical Muslim spies infiltrate America
New expose reveals how subversives have penetrated Washington

While Americans continue to promote cultural diversity and religious tolerance as society's highest values, radical Muslims masquerading as "moderates" have insinuated themselves into the very fabric of American society, to the nation's extreme peril, says a startling new book by veteran investigative journalist Paul Sperry.

"Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington" reveals how Islamic extremists, taking advantage of Americans' blind trust and gaining footholds in the nation's education system, government, workplace, law enforcement and military, have been covertly working to destroy America's constitutional government and the Judeo-Christian ethics on which the nation was built

In his blockbuster expose, Sperry uses classified documents and revealing interviews to courageously explain how, for the past 30 years, Muslims have labored to replace the U.S. Constitution with the Quran and turn America into an Islamic state. And, as Sperry details point-by-point, they have been unwittingly aided in their sinister aims by the politically correct media, government, and citizens, who don't fully understand the dangers of the Muslim faith.

"Infiltration" explodes the facade of moderation and patriotism that Muslim scholars, imams, clerics, businessmen and other leaders in the burgeoning Muslim community in America have conveyed in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In reality, says Sperry, the Muslim establishment that publicly decries the radical fringe ? represented by al-Qaida?s brand of Islam known as Wahhabism, the official religion of Saudi Arabia ? is actually a part of it. The only difference is that they use words and money instead of bombs to accomplish their goals.

Now, finally, their cover is blown. "Infiltration" promises not only to make readers forget nearly everything they?ve been told about these "moderate" and "mainstream" leaders, but it will also expose the true agenda of these "moderate" and "mainstream" leaders and explain the full scope of the dangerous threat of Islam in America.


This coming Tuesday, Larry Sinclair will take the polygraph test, and it's being administered by a licensed, well established professional with national standing in te courts. Additionally his standing was confirmed by other industry professionals. Sinclair's test will be videotaped and available. If he passes this test, there will be no way for Obama to dispute it. What I find amusing is that Obama is playing true to form, just as in other examples of his background coming back to haunt him, he says nothing until he can no longer avoid it. I wonder what will happen Tuesday night when confronted by something that will never go away.

If the media doesn't report this, it's going to be hung on them. Of course, they've refused to report on Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick's top aide, Carl McGee who raped a little boy last December. McGee is also a lobbyist for the gay rights organization MassEquality, and is a wealthy and highly connected man.. and he and his friends have been supppressing the story, threatening lawsuits if the media reported the charges of sexual battery. It's also been reported that the only reason he wasn't able to avoid being charged was because the child's parents are as wealthy as he.

These accusations are ludicrous. Lets think about this, Senator Obama has been in political office for over eight years now. If this story had any merit, this guy would have made these allegations 9 years ago.

It's my understanding from the radio talk shows Larry Sinclair has done, he was not resident of Illinois, in fact he lived outside the United States, Mexico, until recently. It was not until 2004, watching the DNC convention on TV, Mr. Sinclair realized Mr. Obama was a Senator. The issue here is not the allegation of homosexually. In the fall of 2006, Mr. Sinclair heard Mr. Obama speaking to youth about his drug issues as a teenage. This is the point where Mr. Sinclair spoke out on.

So, lets think about this, taking that information into context. It's reasonable to assume why the allegations were not mentioned before now. The issue Mr. Sinclair is speaking out on, is the drug issue, which should be of a concern to us all, anyone who is a parent!

You maybe ashamed of being an American, but I am ashamed of anyone who would be engaging into this kind of conduct as a elected official. I am proud to be an American!


If Obama thinks the republicans that are voting for him now, are voting because they like him and his policies he is badly mistaken. He is the most liberal senator in Washington, NO WAY! So in the general, if you take away, 10% Republican support away from him, then a percentage of the 47% of the democrats that voted for Hillary Clinton. will swing to McCain. I say McCain wins by substantial margin in general election. Probably by 10% in each state if not more, that is assuming that Hillary Clinton does not win the nomination. I believe she has to winner in order for the democrat to be president. Democrats are smarter, they are not going to vote Obama just because he is a democrat.

Except for the benefit of his in vogue skin tone, Obama has nothing going for him except for his ability to read a script. He's more suited to be spokesman for the tobacco industry than President of the USA. If a young white guy had exactly the same background and qualifications as Obama, he wouldn't stand a chance. That's because there's no substance to Obama, just hyperbole. I want change too, but not just skin-deep change. That's why I support Ron Paul's message - regardless of the messenger's ethnicity. As for the veracity of Mr. Sinclair, I thought his video felt very genuine and compelling. I graduated from the Naval Training Center at Great Lakes, and there are several schools there, all with different graduating classes each month, so don't believe the Sinclair detractor who tries to imply there was only ONE graduating class from Great Lakes and it didn't take place during Mr. Sinclair's date range. If you take a look at corporate donations, FOX and News Corp executives gave very little to McCain, and most to Hillary and Obama. The MAIN REASON Fox has been promoting McCain over the other more qualified Republican Candidates may be because they KNOW McCain CANNOT WIN against either Hillary or Obama. It appears to me that all those faux conservatives working for Faux News are on the Globalist Anti-USA payroll.

BARACK Obama has been gaining momentum in his historic bid for the White House, but a shocking new scandal could derail the Democratic Party's charismatic frontrunner. Find out how an outrageous video made by a dying Minnesota man has triggered a lawsuit against Obama's organization - and read his stunning exclusive GLOBE interview about drugs and forbidden sex.


I know this is a tabloid paper, but it speak to the momentum this story is growing on the internet.

Let the voters hear this story put it in the mainstream news as the McCain allegation. Obama has been a media darling for so long. let him explain this as well as Rezco and how he wrote letters on his behalf.
Sinclair has a lawsuit against Obama David Axelrod and the D.N.C

I think as American, WHITEHOUSE.COM is doing our country a great service! To date, they are the only on record organization that taking action to get
to the truth! I hope this becomes a regular feature at Whitehouse.com. Start exposing the elected government! Let the truth be known!

IF these allegations were regarding Hillary - you can BET the MSM would have been all over it. Like hungry piranhas. And hey, lets not forget Marion Barry the crack smoking mayor of Washington DC. I could care less who blows Obama, but smoking crack as late as 1999? That ain't a troubled youth going through a phase... if it's true, he's screwed.

All partisanship aside, I would at least appreciate it if the media would address these allegations (Obama gay sex/crack, McCain affair with lobbyist, Clinton-Paul fundraising questions, etc.) and either debunk them as false or support them with substantive proof. It really doesn't help the American people to be denied any information, pro or con, until it is too late to make a judgment. When spokesmen for the various campaigns are the only ones asked to comment, we get nothing but biased information. What ever happened to old-fashioned investigative reporting, with no other motivation than separating truth from falsehood?

Add to the list Obama/Rezko fundraising, Obama's personal relationship with Rezko, which he denied at a debate. Rezko ties to the governor.

I have been talking about this story since January of 2008- to many bloggers, and NOTHING is been reported. I appreciated you paper, but, let's all face it, the cable media has the power. I suggest that your magazine blog take this information and send it down to Texas media-or paper, take it to Ohio and Penn, this way we are voters might be able to vote someone else and not have this disgusting vile behavior spin over and over again by the republicans. Get it out in the open. Mr. Obama, if it turns out that you did in fact did crack and oral sex with this man in 1999, many others will come out in the open and give their testimony. It always happens with "addicted" sexual behaviors. Don't destroy the party. Say, you are sorry, and let the voters decide what to do with you. I for one will not vote for you.

You are correct, nothing is going to happen to Obama. This story has gained momentum because Senator Obama is being favored by the networks over other candidates, clearly people are upset about it.

This story will be spinned, by the middle of next week, we will be on to a new scandal. This is what happen when you become the front runner, the press builds you up, then they take you down. All the front runners will deal with this issue. get use to it, more to come!

I am happy that finally a reputable news source has at least reported this issue and allowed the public to follow it and make up our own mind. Obama has been treated with kid gloves too long and needs to address this issue, not try to cover it up - because the Republicans will not let it drop after he gets the nomination. If he cannot handle it now, then drop out and let Hillary run so we can get finally get rid of this Reagonomics and years of war nightmare. As with most blogs, dominated by young people, anyone daring to say anything negative about Saint Barak Obama had better back off. While I agree that most of these fools making such allegations are just trying to get their 15 minutes worth of fame, I have been considerably amazed at the hordes falling for the snake oil sales of Obama since the beginning. His dealings with Rezco alone, which he has not denied, should have shown everyone what a crooked politician he is - getting someone to pay the land owner 1.6 million for one property, so he can get an essentially one million dollar house and land for $300,000, from a political player and slum lord like Rezco, should have had everyone dropping their support for the crook. He has always seemed too slick to me, he was the least qualified person of the 18 or so candidates of both parties to run for president, yet Americans bought his charasmatic speaking hook, line and sinker. But then they were stupid enough to buy Bush, TWICE, and he is still learning how to be president. If Barak Obama was a woman, even a black woman, running on his qualifications, he would have been laughed into oblivion by whites and blacks alike and dropped out by New Hampshire. Yet, here you are again (just like Bush supporters defended his skiing in Colorado while AWOL, doing drugs, getting DWI’s and sucking up money to from the family who spawned Isama Bin Laden the 911 mastermind to pay for his financial mistakes) defending Obama with blind faith when there could actually be some truth yet to come on this extra-marital homosexual affair and adult drug use. I am sick and tired of being in a country full of so many morons who buy easily into these people who continue to use America for their private bank accounts. At least with Clinton, you know pretty much what you are getting. Wise up Democrats! Are you going to wait until Obama wins the nomination before more crap like this surfaces from the Right-Wing attack machine and we get four more years of Reagonomics and war, and our economy ends up completely in the toilet?

Obama Supporter Buys LarrySinclair.com

Friday February 22nd, 2008 11:29 AM

Barack Obama supporter Paul Tarlow, owner of a kiln-formed glass studio in Austin, Texas, has purchased and registered the domain name larrysinclair.com in an attempt to diffuse allegations of the brewing drug use and sexual encounter controversy that has erupted on YouTube and been briefly alluded to on air by Bill O’Reilly.

The site claims that Larry Sinclair is using his newly-found fame to harm the Obama campaign and benefit financially.

Tarlow that he “picked up the domain to keep it out of general circulation –- a small contribution to the Obama campaign.” He added that he has no plans to sell the domain name.

What Democratic presidential candidate scandal was Bill O’Reilly referring to in this clip:


Referring to the New York Times‘ John McCain story, O’Reilly said he could “just as easily” expose a “longstanding rumor” about an unnamed “powerful Democratic person in this country.” “I could do it tomorrow,” he said.

This is gossip at this point, but rumor has it that Larry Sinclair, the increasingly throbbing thorn in Sen. Barack Obama’s side, has retained a high profile lawyer to help him fight his defamation suit against the senator and his adviser, David Axelrod. We’ve been told that Sinclair’s lawyer may be Joe Tacopina, who represents Joran Van Der Sloot, the individual accused in the Natalie Holloway murder case. But that is speculation at this point. Stay tuned. In the mean time, Sinclair has supposedly arrived in NYC in advance of taking a polygraph and is expected to hold a press conference in the coming days.

The point should be, what difference does it make?

Democrats have historically not cared about this type of behavior... even seems to help them.

Marion Barry was proven to use crack cocaine and hang out with hookers while Mayor of D.C., still got re-elected.

Bill Clinton had adulterous relations with Monica... in the White House, and then lied under oath about it and still got re-elected.

Everyone knew about JFK's relationship with Monroe, didn't hurt him.

It has always amazed me that Democrats have no problem trusting someone who lies to his wife and family... and are foolish enough to think they won't lie to you!

I could care less if the guy smoked crack 8 years ago, gay sex?, etc... But I'm insulted that he thinks he can win the election solely with his evangelical circle talk. "We need change, we need to educate the kids, we need to give the poor more opportunities, give free health care to all..." Do the math, he's preaching to the masses and hoping we are all dumb enough not to ask "how are you going to do these things?"

A frustrated Republican

The ‘exclusive’ that WND so maliciously posted a few days ago, which alleged that Barack Obama had a gay tryst with one Larry Sinclair, has now disappeared from the far-right political opinion page.

For the Truth, please review:



This Story must continue to be on the Front Page!