Rape Video Posted on YouTube Not Removed for 3 Months

After hundreds of viewers were able to watch the alleged gang-rape of a young British mother on the popular website YouTube, the mother is speaking out and hitting back at the site that allowed her ordeal to be broadcast to the world. The clip, which is three minutes long, was apparently filmed on a mobile phone.

The attack reportedly occurred on November 6, and was posted within hours of the attack. The video remained on the site for three months, and received more than 600 views before it was finally taken down.

The woman, 25, claims the video showed her being raped by three boys in front of her screaming children, age two and four. She lied there unconscious after being drugged while the attack was carried out.

The video was not removed until mid-February when a visitor to the site filed a complaint.

The woman said,

"They were really hurting me. My daughter was crying and I could not get to her. Afterwards they called me a slag and a bitch. I felt so ashamed.

"It's just crazy to think that someone would get a kick out of watching that - someone perverted, someone not right, someone sick.

"The worst thing about it is you can clearly hear my baby crying.

"The next day I found out there was a video and everybody tried to make out I did it on purpose.

"I don't see why I should have to go through all this. It is just really awful."

According to the woman, her horrific ordeal began when a female friend invited her into a neighbor's home for a drink. The pair shared a bottle of champagne, and the mother claims she went numb and soon realized that her drink had been tampered with.

After that, she was forced to endure a 14 hour attack by three boys, aged 14 to 16. She also says that she cannot remember how she ended up back her own place.

Distraught and wanting to hold things together for the children, the woman tried to forget the entire ordeal. She finally got the courage to report the incident to police on February 13, nearly three months after the alleged attack.

The clip entitled "Mashin" has since been removed from YouTube, who described the video as a "massive violation" of the site's rules.

But even though the video has finally been removed, the question remains why it was allowed to stay on the site for that long. Why did it take three months for the video to be deleted?

A spokesman for YouTube insisted that it is impossible to view all of the videos on the site, and that they rely on the community of viewers to report questionable content.

Scotland Yard's rape task force confirm that they have detectives investigating the rape allegations. So far, three teenaged boys have been questioned in regards to the attack.


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