Blessed Be Our Ever After, Burden Of A Day

Get ready for some honestly cheeky and eclectic hardcore punk as Burden Of A Day releases their most recent effort, Blessed Be Our Ever After. This disc starts out with its short and sweet title track introducing us to what’s yet to come in a blasting chant and roar fueld by guitars and percussion. “Pt. 2, Sometimes They Do” continued the aggressive elements of an amalgamate of punk, emocore and hardcore just right with its combination of singing and screaming underneath sharp chords and violent beats. What’s interesting is the intricate melodies as they intertwined this tough angst and also show us something soft and delicate.

“Sorry Seacrest, It’s Casey’s Countdown” seemed like a biting perspective on today’s music within the title and sounds like it’s a rant at the trends of our recent memory laden underneath technically brilliant guitar riffs, whirling bass and a pummeling drum break laced with this roaring vocalist’s diatribe. “The Smile That Kills” continued on the same pattern, but started out with sensitive modes of bass and guitar before ripping your head off with its brutality. Classic punk chants, great riffs and slight hints of tenor slaps you in the face making you wonder if these guys are hardcore, thrash or punk. “My Shelter” is your unadulterated smash-in-your-face post-hardcore or possibly could be a post-punk screamo track with its combinations of vocals, rumbling drum breaks and heavy guitar licks. The dual lyrics might give this song like most tracks on this album definite hints of screamo and emocore making us think they’re not so much a hardcore punk or traditional hardcore outfit which shows that they have more to offer.

Could Burden Of A Day give something less harsh and more emotional on this album? Quite possibly with “Umbrellas,” but this could be an illusion as it kicks off soothing with tons of feedback, synthesized instrumentations and tons of bass. But it was yet again another joke tricking our senses as it was short just like the first track on this release. We get back to something musical as “Monsters Among Us” turns it back to the fury. “I’m Only Laughing On The Outside” finishes off this excellent set of heavy music mastery with plenty of great harmony, power chords and a lunatic on the microphone. Burden Of A Day has something different to offer the masses with Blessed Be Our Ever After and whatever genre they wish to be shelved in, it shouldn’t matter as they have the chops to rise above the rest of the pack.


Your writing has a unique style and is very straight forward and to the point. What a refreshing change of pace.