Lindsay Lohan Caught Kissing Girlfriend Sam Ronson

Lindsay Lohan and her so-called "best friend" Samantha Ronson were photographed kissing in Cannes on Wednesday evening. According to sources, Lohan, 21, and Sam, 30, kissed, cuddled, and held hands at a party on P. Diddy's yacht.

Lindsay and Sam have denied reports that they're a couple, insisting that they're just close friends. But the girls' behavior is more than suspicious, and the latest photos of the two kissing does nothing to dispel the rumors that LiLo likes a little girl-on-girl action.

Lindsay was also spotted this week wearing a ring on her engagement finger, but isn't romantically involved with any male suitors at the present time.

Ronson has been staying with Lohan to keep her on the straight and narrow.

Rumors have plagued the awfully chummy friends for more than a year now, with everything seeming to indicate that the girls are much more than just friends.

Last year Star Magazine leaked steamy MySpace e-mails and text messages that Lohan reportedly sent to Ronson. And within the past few months, LiLo was spotted wearing a ring with the initials SR around NYC.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, Lindsay & Sam have denied that they're a couple. Lindsay's family has also been quick to come to her defense, with her mother, Dina, recently telling "Extra" that the rumors are "silly." Lindsay's lil sis, Ali, also said "They're best friends. They're just friends. It's pathetic what people say."


Lesbiene What are you doing? Sam Is a ......!

Learn how 2 spell lesbian b4 u run ur mouth.

Learn how 2 spell lesbian b4 u run ur mouth.

why wud u ever doo that ur retarteddd!! and u weere so good and famous and good influnce on kids but noww ur teacing us too bee lesibens! woowwww

you cant be taught to be lesbian i say good for her teach the world that u can be diverse

how can you be so god damn close minded?
leave her alone.. she's not harming you
and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a lesbian, if that is what makes her happy, then that is all that matters, she's not hurting me, and she's not hurting you. And i'm pretty sure that she had far worse problems that were influencing her fans in a negative way... such as, say alcohol and drug abuse?

shape up or ship out

being a homosexual is wrong and all of you need to get that through youre minds. god made adam and eve, not adam and steve. in the bible it said MAN AND WIFE! what is so hard to understand about that? its just not right to be gay or lesbian. you people need to get youre priorities straight and be straight. you dont want to make a dicision like that that will ruin youre whole life, and it will ruin youre life. im not trying to say you people are bad, you just need to get your life on the right track and dont go down the wrong path

my dear, I would like to say that you are too stupid, and just one little advice - do not attempt to analyze or judge something that your little mind does not understand. if God created them to be that way who are you to object??

lets put it this way...some ppl are right handed, some ppl are left handed. there is no right or wrong!!! some ppl were born gay or lesbian!! even god cant change it!! they are who they are!! face it dude!!!

im a lesbian and i think your all ignorant.

"you were so good and famous and a good influence on kids"

she was in and out of rehab for drinking and drugs and shse has eating disorders.

_but she dates a girl and that's when you think she's being a bad influence?

riight. well if your daughter grown up drinking every night; sniffing coke and puking up her dinner, im sure you wont care as long as shes not kissing a girl.

leave the girl alone and let her date who ever she wants; male or female.

your awesome.

who cares if she's a lesbian... i really don't think it matters if you're the same or opposite sex. As long as you love the person for yourself that's fine. I go for personalities more than gender or looks.

wat the fuck soes it matter
shes bi
so am i
1/2 the world is bi or gay
so shut the fuck up
just cuz your not that way doesnt mean that you need to be an ass to her

being gay doesn't mean anything.
she should just admit they are dating.

ps they are cute togetherr
go lindsayy =]


you poor thing are too brainwashed. shut up.

You are absolutely psychotic, your grammar is atrocious, and your ignorance and intolerance just proves that devout religions breed hate. I used to be a Christian until I realized that The Bible was just written by a bunch of story tellers and old intolerant bastards. I believe in Jesus, and I believe in God. But I also believe in loving people for who they are, gay, straight, black, white, WHATEVER. You are sincerely an absolute MORON.

Jesus is not real and has nothing to do with this.

Jesus was God in the human form to say the least.
One thing I have always said was an Atheist can say they don't believe in God, but they believe in Satan. Ok here is my thing. If you believe in Satan you believe in God correct? Being Gay, Homosexual, Bi, or curious is a sin against God. It may not be one of the Ten Commandments, but it is stated in the Holy Bible that indeed it is a sin. Please don't say i'm being ignorant because i'm stating true facts. It goes for a straight person too. Male or female that if they look at another oppisite sex sexually they have commited a sin already in their head/mind. Please don't listen to everything that science has to say. Nobody is born gay, bi, or lesbian its a choice, and Satan makes you choose these ways. Its just you need to be strong enough to fight him. I'm not saying its going to happen over night, but i'll pray for ya'll, and God will be with you. Believe in him or not God will be with you. God Bless ya'll and take care.
Tim Umpleby

why is loving someone a sin? if God is all loving a forgiving then surely he will not hold it against thoose who find love in the same gender. you obviously have to much time on your hands if you have read the bible cover to cover. and if it is a sin to even relise that someone of the same gender is sexually attractive then you will find that nearly the whole world lives in sin!

Ok first of all SO WHAT if he had read the bible cover to cover! some people read.....I don´t know Harry Potter from book one til whatever and no one judges then! The bible is a beautiful book and what he said isn´t just because he read the bible its simply common sence. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve!! Don´t get me wrong I love Lindsay Lohan but what she did back there is wrong and she will be judged by god in the latter days....comment all you want but if you think I´m brainwashed, retarded, stupid, ignorant or whatever GUESS WHAT? your the one whose wrong because no one makes me beleave in what I beleave my heart tells me its true and so I tell you your the one who is ignorant because you comment thats its ok to be lesbi or gay or bi because everyone thinks its ok...well guess what ITS NOT! maybe YOU should sit down and read the bible sometime and perhaps you would feel too what the lord has destined for all of us http//\

"Jesus was God in the human form to say the least."

Do you have any proof to prove that? I do not think you do but your weak soul always needs help from your ....yeah most powerful imagination Jesus shadow. The thing never exists but in your imagination.

....A strong and controllable minded person will never need any imagination god to help him/her with....again, it is all YOU...the human being, the flesh to bring either happiness or evil ....NO ONE else, NO god nor satan doing so, but YOU.....human being



homosexuality is the reason why God destroy the land of Sodom....the purpose of sex is to pro-create that's why God created Man and Woman!!!

I am a lesbian and would like to tell you that you are close-minded and an example of everything that is wrong with the world. God and Jesus has nothing to do with it. Do you think I would want to chose a harder road? My career aspirations are hard enough without adding that. I have not chosen Satan, just the woman I love and a part of me.

If my Christian friends can accept me you should too. JUST SHUT THE F@** UP!

Lindsey and Sam are cute together.

i completely and 100% agree with what you are saying...i am gay too and exactly what they all are saying and how they feel about gayness is what my moms feels and says to me everyday..she doesnt accept me because i am not in the bed with another guy but with a girl..she looks at me differently in her eyes i am a disappointment but in others i am a wonderful,caring,coolest person you can talk to..i HATE jugdemental people if you are happy why cant they???? if being with women makes lindsey happy then so be it....i can tell you, my mom and whoever else being with my girl makes me the happiest person alive and i dont care what people say

Smokin. the title says, have any of you ever seen Jesus? the answer is NO. So, shut up with that belief but learn from yourself to be a good person instead.
who is God? have you ever seen him, all weak souls? the answer is NO. So God is something in your imagination....but that's fine as long as you are a good person with that belief.
There is no God, no Jesus, no Satan.....but the evil (or kind heart) is in you, YOURSELF ...... a wild horse and you have to control it, control one can help, no magic can undone evil things happened. your narrow brains and see the world with your real eyes and wisdom.......

God did not intend for two women or two men to be together. Therefore if you are a gay or a lesbian and truly believe its ok in your heart then my friend you are lost and you need to find Jesus and accept in your heart. He will wash all the wrong and all your sins away. If you dont, then mark my words... You dont have a place in Heaven you are on your rigid road to hell. Please i am asking as a concerned christian and a concerned friend. Get saved. Get right in your heart. And live a life dedicated to Christ. Im not brainwashed, I dont think im better than you, and i am trying to help you. So i dont care what you say about me. Say what you want to it wont bother me. i know im saved and you cant telll me any different. I love God he saved my soul and i am going to Heaven one day!!! Thank you Lord for all your many blessings!!!! If anyone needs help finding your pathway to him please contact me thru my email. God loves you and I'll be praying for you...

what is your problem, im going to heaven not matter what. IM GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but i noe god n jesus will have a spot for me.

No, not physically. I've never seen you either, but I have no doubt that you exist. Why? Because I'm reading a message from you!

You say you believe in evil, but not in God. Tell me then, what makes anything evil? By what standard to you judge those condemning homosexuality?

If there is no standard greater than your own feelings about the subject, then they are equally entitled to their feelings an opinions.

If there is a standard greater than your own feelings, then how does one learn what that standard is? A moral standard must come from a personality; rocks don't care whether you are lesbian or not, or whether you condemn someone for being a lesbian or not. Only a person can do that. If there is no God, then to whose standard do you appeal?

My own two cents on the LL subject?? Yes, lesbianism is a sin, but no greater than cheating on an exam, sleeping with your neighbor's spouse, or any of the many sins that heterosexual Christians sadly fall into. Christians, be certain the plank is out of your own eye before you try the remove the sawdust from Lindsay's!

People preach about the things they believe wrong and not consider themselves doing..why does it really matter? If someone is lesbian, gay, drunk or whatever on the other side of the world would it affect how you live your life here? Everyone has their own opinions and preferences, and that's what makes them happy, would it kill you if it's the way they live? Seriously, you have way too much time focusing on other people's lives, why don't you go and get your own. That's right, GO GET A LIFE!

yo say you are "stating true facts".. but who told you those are the real facts? is there some document that ensures that?*bible doesn't count.. story book*
each person chooses what to believe in .. but they are not more tan that.. just beliefs.. is is not in your hands to decide who "sins" or who is "lost"
men created a god to lean on for being so weak ...they needed an excuse to kill (torture,etc) the people they thought were sinners and there is "god" to say it was right, that it was for the sake of humanity or whatever.. it's just dumb..
you're the one deciding that being gay is wrong .. not your so called "god ..

Luckily for everyone, we do not have the same beliefs because if we did life as we know it would cease to exist. Imagine if everyone was gay, we would no longer reproduce naturally. So let everyone carry on as they are if it makes them happy.

I don't necessarily believe there is a god and I certainly don't like being preached to by others telling me what I should or shouldn't believe in so live your lives as you want not how others say you should.

How did the subject of Lindsay n Sam get to God?

Here's my opinion on the whole subject.

If two people love eachother, what's gonna keep them apart? Seriously, let people do and believe in what they want to. I have family members who are gay, and my best friend is bi. I accept them for who they are. Obviously some people just can't see through the "bad" parts of people to see the "good" parts. What gay people do is none of our buisness anyways. Just leave them alone. And when they die, obviously they are gonna have a lot of explaining to do. but its their buisness, so just stay out of it and let them live their life.

And I do believe in God to, so don't say that I need to be saved and repent and a bunch of other things. I am saved. That doesn't mean that I'm brainwashed or crazy. It just means that I believe in what I think is right. But I'm not going to push my beliefs on other people. You can't force someone to believe in something they don't want to.

im a lesbian nd im only 14. i believe in god nd jesus but i would rather be happy with a gurl then to be sad n deprest with a guy that i don't even love or even can't love. i've been through so much i got abused by my dad, i can't even tell half my family that im gay. my own grandfather said i was going to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
before u judge us n say " o ur goin to hell, god wants us to be with men" tell me did u meet god, did u see god when he was writin that bible. Nooooooo u didn't. so don't judge me or otha's. im happy now then i eva was. nd also god made us but he did not tell us our paths nd who to love nd who to not love. ur not god or jesus. so shut the **FUCK UP** nd worry about ur selfs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As long as you are happy, that is all that counts

If You Cant Reproduce From Being Homsexual Dosent That Tell You Theres Something Wrong With That.? I Mean For God Sakes At Least Have A Choice To If You Want To Have A Baby Later On In Life.

I also feel they have the right to do what they want. They can't be judged because of their sexuality. If anyone can stand up and say that lesbian parents are worse than straight ones I will agree with the decision too. But you can't say that! There are so many straight parents who don't deserve to have their kids. If two people are so enthusiastic about having offspring then believe me, they will do much better than a 16 year old straight girl who gets pregnant by accident and decides to keep the baby.

But you can't say that! There are so many straight.

When you fall in love with someone, are you falling in love with their personality or their sexual organs?