Edible Lego Fruit Snack May Confuse Small Children

Adults spend a lot of time trying to teach young children not to stick toys and other random objects in their mouths. So you can imagine our surprise when we came across this blog post telling us about a new product from Kelloggs - the Lego Fun Snack.

Lego Fun Snacks are fruit-filled little blocks that look just like the building block toys we are all familiar with.

Gabe over at Penny Arcade pointed out the lawsuit-waiting-to-happen snack:

I would love to know what sick bastard at Kellogs came up with this genius idea. I just spent the first three years of my sons life trying to get him not to eat blocks, and now you're telling him they taste like f***ing strawberries. Thanks a lot as******. Seriously, how in the hell did this ever get past their legal department. You can't tell me that this isn't a lawsuit just waiting to happen. I can only assume that their next product is fruit flavored thumbtacks.

The potential for confusion is very real with young children, and Kelloggs should really think about pulling it off the market and coming up with something a bit less potentially dangerous.


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