New Fads in Footwear: High Heeled Crocs

I thought the original Crocs were bad, and hoped that the fad would pass. Unfortunately, they seem to be multiplying in not only availability and use, but also in style. Last year we saw the introduction of the fur-lined, waterproof version intended for use in winter, and now they've come up with Crocs for women who want a little height. That's right, high heeled Crocs.

I think most people who buy Crocs would agree that they don't buy them for their style, but rather, comfort. Most would even admit they're eye sores. So what's the point of the high heeled Croc? The rubbery foam shoes will never compare to a real, classy pair of heels, and I can't help but wonder how much more likely you are to twist an ankle in the rubbery heeled shoes.


This is a wicked and pointless idea that proves that the Crocs brand doesn't really know what it will take to expand their market and appeal. If the point of a heel was only to make you taller, this would technically serve the purpose - but the real purpose of a heel is to give one's foot an attractive silhouette, something this shoe simply doesn't attempt to do. The cardinal sin of crocs has always been that it fails to take the shape of the human foot into account, and this shoe is no exception.

i agree with everything you say but the sad truth is that these horrible things will probably be around as the "oh-so-sexy" socks and sandals. THAT is another fashion faux pas that I sincerely wish would crash and burn!

Oh my. Really?
These are hideous.

I LOVE high heel crocs!!! i am barely 5 feet tall yet adore crocs cause they are so confy. and with heels.. YES!!! nobody said they were pritty, they are not. but sooo confortable that its ok!

Pritty??? Now we know why you wear them!!!

ROFL my Tall, croc hating @ss off.

Oh my goodness! This has gone to far. When will the croc mania end? How could ANY woman let herself wear these obminations? Heels were not ment to be made "comfertable" they're suppose to lengthen the leg and ankle. Anything that chunky can go rott with shoulder pads and poodle skirts

Pritty??? Now we know why you wear them!!!

omg this is the last straw. the normal ones are bad enough, and now these???????? how could any decent self-respecting woman wear crocs in ANY form??? much less these insults to fashion sense...

Hello! Does anybody have a sense of humor any more?

What's wrong with you people? Wear them if you like them. If not, don't. BTW, why are you looking at them and spending so much time commenting if you don't like them?

I think they are sexy, especially with matching nail polish. In a world where people disfigure their bodies with large tattoos, body piercings, and earlobe stretching, why do you Croc haters get so bent out of shape about a pair of shoes? If you don't like them, don't look at them.

I own these and I love them. Walk a mile in these sexy/comfortable shoes and you may change your mind. If not, who cares.I love them, that's what counts!

I believe the original purpose of the croc was as a non-slip, non-marking boat shoe.
Being a weekend boater these shoes go from the marina to restaurant with ease (in black, of course)!
Having broken my ankle quite badly 2 years ago (i now have 9 screws and a plate & a bone graft), I was convinced I would never be able to wear heels again.
Thank heavens for these crocs (Sassari style in black)! I have never felt so sure-footed in heels before these. I can even run in them!
These sporty heels weren't meant for the oscars people, think of it as a glorified flip-flop.
Look how far the lowly flip-flop has come with all the embellishments of today and where people wear them. I'd rather wear my black pair of crocs than embellished flip-flops anyday! I get tons of compliments on them as well and when I tell people they're crocs, they can't believe it.

Yay! Tackiness taken to a higher level.


I might be sold if Crocs made matching stockings and garter belts

CROCS for comfort? I've tried several models, flats, with heels...everything gives me blisters...