Possible Obama Assassination Plot Foiled in Denver

As the Democratic Convention got underway in Denver, Colorado Monday evening, Secret Service were investigating what may have been a possible assassination plot against Senator Barack Obama. What began as a routine traffic stop now has feds investigating whether or not it may have been an effort to "harm Senator Barack Obama."

Two men were arrested near the convention and were found to have two rifles, a high-powered telescopic scope, and the powerful stimulant methamphetamine. They were arrested in a routine traffic incident.

One of the men was identified by a Denver TV station as Tharin Gartrell, 28. He has since been charged with suspicion of being a felon in possession of a weapon following the discovery of the rifles in his car.

Police escorted Gartrell to his hotel in Denver, when a second man jumped from a window. He was injured in the four-story fall, and then arrested.

Several news outlets have suggested that the men may have ties to the Sons of Silence, an outlaw biker group. They are also believed to have connections with white supremacists.

Federal sources now indicate that the incident may have had more to do with methamphetamine than any kind of assassination plot, however local police have not yet said why they connected the men to the Democratic nominee. Federal officials did say that verbal threats were made against Obama, but were not considered credible.

Denver police have thus far refused to comment on whether it may have been a foiled assassination plot. A press conference is scheduled, which may clear up some of the rumors now floating around.

Obama has been under Secret Service protection for over a year after having received credible death threats.


I find your graphic of the bulls eye over Senator Obama to be in very bad taste. This is not a 007 movie.

Got to agree with the first commenter, this photo is in very poor taste and even irresponsible for a purportedly respectable news organization. Why not show the mugshot of the loser arrested in this plot, isn't that more relevant than a created graphic feeding rightwing nutjob fantasy?

That picture is in very poor taste. Have some respect for a person's life.

Oh my God! What a tacky photograph! Have you no shame?

I agree that your photo is in very bad taste and I question your purpose in choosing it.

That photo is insane.

I agree that your photo is in very bad taste and I question your purpose in choosing it.

the pic is bad but it didnt originate on this it was used on the cover of the Roswell Beacon. Ive never heard of the beacon so im guessing they used this as a cover for shock value and get their name out there. pretty shitty.



what on earth are you guys thinking putting crosshairs on obama?


the graphics person should be the one w/ the target on their chest

I fully agree. Better no photo at all, than this.

The "crosshairs on Obama" picture you have included is incredibly tasteless and demonstrates a lack of either journalistic integrity or any editorial oversight whatsoever.

What on earth is WRONG with you? That photo is awful and antagonistic and shows no sense, no journalistic integrity and no class. Good grief!

How dare you post a photo like that?!? It is offensive and disturbing. No credible journalist would ever accompany an article like this with a graphic like that!

You Obama-Bots are insane. I think I am going to invest in pharmaceutical companies because when he loses in the general election your all going to be clinically depressed.

I think the photo is outstanding. They uncovered a plot to kill him. what better way to show that then in the "crosshairs". Excellent.

What is wrong with people who don't like this photo?? It is perfect! Obama was the "target" of a assisination plot. People are wayyyyyyyy to sensative!

The photo is offensive. Remove it immediately!

You people are pathetic. Complaining over a stupid photo instead of focusing on the issues at hand. I am not a Obama supporter but I do not want to see the man die either. However this shows how dimwitted you people can be by being outraged over a stupid photo.

I have to disagree,..people are not too sensitive. Seems to me people are too INSENSITIVE. That photo is offensive and I'm sure someone couldn't wait for an opportunity (excuse) to put it out there. Some things are just in poor taste and this is one of them.

I like the photo. Offend away- the people you're offending are the ones who need a wake-up call anyway.

Libs weren't outraged when a MOVIE was made about offing George W Bush. And now they are mad about a photo that depicts an assisination attempt. Puh-LEAZE get off your high horses.

No Kidding! libs forget all the cruel and offensive pics they made of Pres. Bush which they applauded.

How many times have we seen photos of John Kennedy in the crosshairs when he was assinated? When Obama decided to run I'm sure he was well aware of the risks involved as have any other cadidate for the office of president. Do we forget Reagan and Ford were targets as well? A photo is just that.....A photo! America has become so sensitive as to what and how blacks feel that next we'll be hearing about giving them a mule and forty acres. What next? Lets see.....Give the Indians back thier lands then we will have to give Mexico thier lands back. Now that might be a good idea since most of those states ar predomitly Hispanic anyway! But then we will have to apologize to the Irish, italian and Polish people for the way they were treated also.Get real people!

Why hasn't that photo come down?

It is a great picture that will easily describe a huge issue that is obviously at hand.

Grow up, kids. The photo is simply a depiction that does relate to the story at hand. Obama was possibly an assassination target, that puts him "in the crosshairs" of the evil-doers who got arrested. Why not direct your "righteous indignation" in a direction that's more productive instead of making a bunch of loud noise(which will have little to no effect, trust me) in a comment field?

I'm an Obama supporter as well as a staunch believer in equal rights for all citizens and I find the photo not even the slightest bit offensive. It perfectly illustrates the point of the article and grabs your attention, exactly what good photojournalism should do. The entire problem, as I see it, is that some people like to look for hidden meanings that just aren't there.

Oh noes! A photo of a black candidate with a crosshair on it! Some conservative/white supremacist(pick your poison) was just waiting to put that photo up! Please, spare us all. Maybe instead of flaming a journalist for doing his job you should re-examine your own life and determine just what insecurities in your personality lead you to such quick and open outrage over something totally insignificant.


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I'm putting it up as my facebook pic!

Keep up the good work!

Who is afraid of the big bad wolf? I would guess|most all of the posters here have not read the Declaration of Independence of this great nation. When the people who find the leadership of this country not to their liking, the Declaration gives them the way to change it. As so it should be. "Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends (life, liberty, pursuit of happiness) it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new government. . . . . ."

"Got that Red Riding Hood", said grandma.