Walmart Closes Garfield Heights Store "Indefinitely" Due to Safety Concerns

Walmart announced Monday their decision to close a Cleveland-area store due to safety concerns at the site. The Walmart store located at 5638 Transportation Blvd. in Garfield Heights will be closed "indefinitely".

Employees at the Garfield Hts. store will have the option to work at other Walmart stores. Pharmacy customers will have their prescriptions automatically transfered to Walmart's Bedford location at 22209 Rockside Rd.

The Garfield Hts. Walmart store is located in the City View Shopping Center, which was opened in 2006. It is the first shopping center to be built on a landfill, and at the time was billed by builders as an engineering marvel. Since then, however, stores in the shopping center have experienced nothing but problems. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has threatened to shut down the shopping center due to the high levels of methane gas escaping from the landfills below, and the toxic fumes can often be smelled within the stores and the areas, citing health and safety concerns.

With an anchor store like Walmart shutting down its operations at City View, one can't help but wonder if a mass exodus of smaller stores will soon ensue or if the EPA will shut down the site once and for all.

In a press release issued Monday, Walmart said:

"We thank Mayor Longo and the city for working with us and supporting the store at Garfield Heights, we regret at this time that safety issues on the property are forcing us to make this difficult decision."



city view was all wrong from day one not to meany peple know what is in that ground

I love when you post these things, I've added your site to my top ten health blog list.