Highlights from Romeo Crennel's Press Conference

Cleveland Browns head coach Romeo Crennel held his weekly press conference today. Crennel started the session by echoing his statements last night that turnovers and penalties were the major reasons that the Browns lost yesterday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Crennel gave kudos to Browns punter Dave Zastudil for his ability to navigate through the bad weather and execute well in the poor weather conditions and also gave nice words to Shaun Rogers who had a big game from nose tackle.

Crennel stressed the one game at a time attitude now that they are facing an 0-2 start and turned his attention to the Baltimore Ravens by stating:

“We have a division game next week, it’s on the road and we have to get those guys to give the same kind of energy that they gave last night this upcoming game down in Baltimore. We’re going to focus on this and that’s what we’re going to try to get done.”

Here is how he answered some questions that were thrown his way today:

On the struggling offense:

“We were inconsistent on the offense. There were times when we were able to drive the ball and feel like we had some momentum but we weren’t consistent enough in the passing game or running game. That’s a part of the team we have to improve on.”

On Braylon Edwards dropping passes against the Dallas Cowboys and Steelers:

“There’s probably more than one thing but I think the practice time. He missed three games and not only did he miss the games, he missed the practice time. I think that has some impact. I think Braylon is trying pretty hard when a ball comes his way because last game he dropped some. Sometimes when you try hard, you tighten up a little bit and you don’t relax. I think he’s got to get to the point where he can relax and look the ball in and let him come to him the way it used to.”

When asked about the end of the first half when the Browns missed a chance to score when Derek Anderson threw an interception:

“ We had a first down with eight seconds so that’s time enough to throw the ball in the end zone, get a touchdown or if it’s incomplete, put your field goal team out there and kick a field goal. I wouldn’t change that sequence. Kellen (Winslow) was open on that play. Kellen was not in the end zone, (Troy) Polamalu was in the end zone and he was breaking up on Kellen. Everybody else was in the end zone or right at the goal line so Derek (Anderson) threw to the guy who was flashed in front of him that was at the end zone. He threw it low to give the guy a chance to catch it but Polamalu made a good play on it.”

When asked about the decision to kick a field goal instead of going for a first down on fourth and 7:

“As I said last night, when the ball was further out, I think it was third down, my decision at that time was ‘what are you going to do here?’ At that time, I said ‘okay, we’ve got time on the clock so let’s kick the field goal’. But we got the first down so let’s move a little bit closer. As I’m looking at it, thinking how the defense has played all game, that is we can get points on he board, we can stop them, then I think our offense will have enough time to drive the ball down the field and give us a chance to win. That’s why I decided to do what I did. If you look at the game, we stopped the run. They ran this bootleg and (Roethlisberger) ran around a little bit, threw and made a play. If we stop him on that play then our offense gets the ball with some time and then we’d see what happens. But we didn’t stop them, we got the ball too late, but we did get the ball back, we just didn’t have enough time to mount an effective drive.”

(On how he looked at the field goal)- “Fourth and seven makes it a little bit tougher to go for it but the points on the board, that gives you a chance to win. You stop them and give your offense the ball back, that gives you the chance to win. You can look at it a couple ways. You can look at it like we could score a touchdown and get it to overtime or you can look at it as it’s been almost four quarters and you’ve scored three points. So what are you going to do?”

When asked about DL Robaire Smith who went down with an injury last night:

“Robaire hurt his ankle and as we’ve found out, it’s an Achilles, so he is not in the best of shape. This game was a tough, physical game, there are a lot of bumps and bruises. The guys came in a little bit later so we haven’t had a chance to evaluate anything but I know that Robaire is an Achilles. A big man and an Achilles is a tough thing to deal with. We will see how severe it is and make some decisions from there.”

When asked about the status of receiver Donte’ Stallworth who missed his second straight game of the season:

“We will find out Wednesday what he can do. He’s got that strained quad and he has been working to rehab it. As soon as he is ready, he will be back out there. I’ll know more Wednesday about where he is, whether he’ll be ready for the next game or not.”