Redskins' Chris Cooley Shows His Genitals on His Blog

Washington Redskins tight end Chris Cooley showed a little more than he intended after a picture was posted on his web site over the weekend. The 2007 Pro Bowler was pictured in the buff, genitals showing and all.

Cooley took a picture of himself on Sunday morning studying pre-game notes that the players had been given by coach Jim Zorn for the home opener against the New Orleans Saints. He posted the picture on his blog. There was just one problem, however - Cooley was studying completely naked.

Cooley says that he did not look closely at the photo before posting it on his blog. The pic remained on his site all day Sunday, and once it was finally noticed, it was removed and an apology was put in its place:

"All apologies from the website. We are very sorry that we showed (genitals) on our website all day yesterday. That was by no means our intention and we did not want to offend anyone. The picture wouldn't have been up for so long, but we were in the middle of winning a big game. Once again, this was a complete accident and we regret not reviewing the post more closely. Thanks."

Cooley's studying paid off, despite the graphic photo, with him getting five catches for 72 yards during the Redskins 29-24 come-from-behind win over the Saints.

Although the photo has been removed from Cooley's blog, it will forever live in infamey online. has posted it for those that missed it on his blog.


Ummm, he is studying naked and taking pics of himself THEN realizes you can see his privates?? Maybe he is just stupid.