Kirsten Dunst: Snaggletooth No More, or Photoshop Fix-up?

Kirsten Dunst's famously imperfect teeth are looking a good bit whiter, brighter, bigger, and much less crooked on the October cover of Harper's Bazaar magazine. Which leads us to wonder - is this yet another case of airbrushers gone wild with Photoshop, or did the Spiderman star finally take a trip to the cosmetic dentist?

Approving such a drastic touch-up would be an uncharacteristic move for Dunst, who has often defended and embraced her flawed smile. In the past she said, "That's one of the things I like about me. Messed-up teeth are so sexy."

According to a magazine spokesperson, "Kirsten has a lovely smile and clearly she is happy to be on the cover of Harper's Bazaar. Her teeth were not fixed on the cover or on the inside pages."

In other words - she took a trip to the dentist.


I really do hope it's shopped because she's right. Those teeth are very sexy. I mean, she looks cuted with her mouth closed, but when I see those theeth I think she's even cuter than before. ^^