Las Vegas ACORN Office Raided in Voter Fraud Investigation

Nevada authorities raided the headquarters of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now on Tuesday, which now stands accused of submitting fraudulent voter registration forms. The raid follows a month long investigation into voter fraud at ACORN, which works to register low income people.

Amongst the fraudulent voter registrations was the Dallas Cowboys starting line-up. Secretary of State Ross Miller said, "Tony Romo is not registered to vote in the state of Nevada, and anybody trying to pose as Terrell Owens won't be able to cast a ballot on Nov. 4."

Miller said that the group submitted voter registration forms with false information, or duplicated information on multiple forms. He did not estimate how many forms received from ACORN were fraudulent.

Interim chief organizer of ACORN, Bertha Lewis, said of the raid:

"Today's raid by the secretary of state's office is a stunt that serves no useful purpose other than to discredit our work registering Nevadans," Lewis said.

"For the past 10 months, anytime ACORN has identified a potentially fraudulent application, we turn that application in to election officials separately and offer to provide election officials with the information they would need to pursue an investigation or prosecution of the individual."

Lewis said ACORN turned in 46 problem applications submitted by 33 former employees in the Las Vegas area, where it has so far registered 80,000 people.

Nationwide ACORN claims to have registered 1.3 million people for the November election. Complains of fraud in association with registration efforts have also been reported in Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Miller said at this point no one has been charged or arrested in Nevada. His spokesman, Bob Walsh, said investigators were using info from various sources, including the US attorney's office in Nevada and the FBI.