Music Review: The Dream, In This Moment

We’re noticing that the formula for female-fronted metal groups is escalating and one notion of this is with In This Moment with their latest disc, The Dream. “Endless Days And Nights-Forever” opens up this album like a hellcat ready to pounce with ferocious intensity on the guitars as they’re both melodic and fast backing Maria Brink’s lush high-pitched vocal prowess making you feel like it was 1987 all over again. “Forever Infinity-All For You” rocks out harder and invokes technical riffs and hints of keyboards making this track sultry and romantic as Brink’s protruding lyrics sends shivers down your spine.

“Standing In The Rain-Mechanical Love” is just a powerful cut of metal mastery as it’s such an old school song with the stacked licks and tight rhythms alongside this screeching siren’s voice it reminds us of what heavy music used to be like from more than 20 years ago. “The Underworld-Her Kiss” is this group’s true ballad as it’s sludgy and dark in its exquisite gothic charm with the squiggly synths, brooding bass and slick guitars wrapped around her amazing alto. “The Promise-Into The Light” is much lighter fare than “The Underworld-Her Kiss” as it’s soft and delicate with piano and strings behind this pixie’s lilt whisper chilling your nerves calmingdown the hard-charging rock.

In This Moment shows us that they can be aggressive and demonic with “Empires Fall And Rise Again-The Great Divide” as it gives us a glimpse on how they can thrash and scream with raw evil intent with chugging grooves and blistering hooks. “Imagine-Violet Skies” concludes this most excellent release with a combination of harmonious splendor and progressive rock depth as they’ve utilized breathtaking singing with classic chords and breaks creating an extraordinary sound. In This Moment is an interestingly dynamic band that uses old methods with a fresh approach and The Dream will kick some teeth into the charts this winter.

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