CVS Health Saving Pass Offers Low-Cost Generic Prescriptions & Discounted Health Services

This past Sunday, November 9, CVS/pharmacy launched its new Health Savings Pass, which will help reduce the cost of health care, particularly for the uninsured. It costs just $10 annually to enroll in the program, which will then allow consumers to fill a 90-day prescription for more than 400 common generic medications for just $9.99 at their local CVS.

In addition to the prescription savings, consumers will also receive a 10% discount on health services at all 8 MinuteClinic locations in Cleveland. In the Cleveland area alone there are an estimated 10.9% of people uninsured, and another 7.2% statewide that are unemployed.

Consumers may obtain a Health Savings Pass at any of of the more than 6,300 CVS locations nationwide. Alternatively, you may also enroll online at or by calling 1-888-616-CARE (2273). A complete list of medications covered can also be found at the CVS website. MinuteClinic locations and services may be found at


would like to enroll if majority of medications are included in plan

i need to know if my meds are in your plan

Do you have a list of your discounted prices? I'd like to be able to compare with my RxDrugCard prices.

Could you please email me a copy of the various generic drugs you cover under this plan. I do not have any drug insurance & am interested in this plan, since someone had told me about it & it was good. My present meds are Premarin .03 (which I do not believe would be on it. And, Fiorecet (which does have a generic brand). I'll be waiting to hear from you. Thank you. JS