Madonna Advises Britney Spears to Avoid Marriage

After recently performing with Madonna on stage, Britney Spears is said to have sought out her advice on the subject of men. Spears divorced her husband Kevin Federline in 2006, and Madonna herself recently announced that she would be divorcing husband Guy Ritchie.

Madonna made no mistake about what she thought would be best for both of the. A source said:

"Britney asked Madonna if she will ever marry again after her split from guy. Madonna not only said she wouldn't, but told Britney to forget about marriage. She said it just doesn't work for girls like them."

The source continued, adding, "Madonna clearly sees a lot of herself in Britney because she seems very eager to help her."

Like Madonna, who now has failed marriages to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie under her belt, Spears also has two failed marriages - her first to Jason Alexander, which was annulled days later, and her second to Federline.


I wish Britney would advise Madonna to stop making albums.

Other than possibly marrying me,
Britney should not get married.

MADONNA should get her crap straight around messing with married women's husbands, creating intrigue in other people's marriages when they just had a new baby - and her own issues in not using birth control. Marriage is not an option to a lack of birth control! Never a good idea! Madonna sets the track record there.

Madonna and Sean should just get married again to each other. Madonna never got over Sean and I bet he never quite forgot her. Besides, Sean probably knows Madonna much deeper than Guy Ritchie did since she has had so many incarnations since they split that she's forgotten herself.