Kitchen Littles Stove, Birthday Party, and Breakfast Fun for Girls

Looking for a great gift for your little girl? Then you may want to check out this great new line of Kitchen Littles toys. Suitable for ages 4 and up, Kitchen Littles allows girls to pretend like they're making meals.

The Electronic Deluxe Stove kit ($24.95) comes with 8 accessories to serve a meal. The light goes on when you open the stove door, and bacon sizzles when its in the pan. For added fun, pick up one of the many Kitchen Littles accessory packs including:

- Birthday Party Fun - Includes all of the foods, cookware, utensils, and servingware that you need for a successful birthday party. $19.99.

- Breakfast Time - Includes all of the foods, utensils, cookware, and servingware that you need for serving a delicious homecooked breakfast. $9.95.

Kitchen Littles toys are available for purchase at your favorite retailer, or online at places like For more information about the Kitchen Littles, see

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What a cutie!! Does it have a tiny Dishwasher in the set? :)