Chicago Furniture Company Mocks Illinois Governor in Newspaper Ad

A Chicago-area furniture store, LeatherCreations, took out a quarter-page ad in the Chicago Tribune on Thursday. While that in itself isn't the slightest bit peculiar, even amidst the decline of ad sales in the newspaper industry, the unique marketing angle they took captured attention.

"We sell more seats than the Governor! ... and our Senate seat only costs $1,999 (Plus this sofa lasts much longer than 6 years)."

Hey, maybe Rod Blagojevich has some career prospects after all, a post-politics career in endorsements!


Love it! And glad they didn't "couch" their message in PC terms.
And the furniture store you at least get something for your money.


The Obama campaign may be out to get you. LOL! Since that was his chair. He probably paid for it first.

Haha! I love a smart-ass.

Get your senate seat at a low, low, LOW price. It's our special, one time only, going out of office sale. Buy now from Blago! Heeeeee's crazy.

terms and consent decree apply, see store for details. seats sold as is.

If Obama paid for the chair, I'm certain he used OUR money instead of his own! :-)

Kudos to the furniture store!

LOL--The best ad I've seen all year! Tell it like it is...the truth will set you free, and I hope the store cashes in!