Estate of former Buckeye Korey Stringer Reaches Settlement with NFL on Death from Heat Stroke

Korey Stringer's widow and the NFL have reached a settlement seven years after the former standout of the Ohio State Buckeyes passed away from heatstroke. Stringer, a native of Warren, died on the practice field in the 1001 preseason with the Minnesota Vikings. Terms of the settlement were not announced but does include the NFL enacting an awareness program for heat stroke so that another tragedy does not take place in the future. Another lawsuit is still pending with the estate of Stringer is still pending with the manufacturer of the helmet company Riddell that the plaintiffs say contributed to his death.

"We were able to find what we feel is a very fair settlement that helped us move to the next step," said James Gould who was the former agent of the former first round draft pick and Pro Bowl Selection.

Stringer passed away at age 27. Since his passing, teams have made some changes to the way they train including wearing lighter colored jerseys that do not hold heat in like darker uniforms.