Music Review: Live In Nashville, Demon Hunter

After documenting their extremely successful Storm The Gates Of Hell tour in 2008 on 40 Days, Demon Hunter have decided to climax this extraordinary summer jaunt on Live In Nashville. This recording showcased their summer, 2008 extravaganza opening with shouts from the crowd in joyous exuberance as “Storm The Gates Of Hell” is introduced with scintillating haunting keyboards and pounding bass drum before manic bellows and ripping guitars blare at you like a rampaging horde. Up next was “Lead Us Home” which got the raucous fans going strong as they sungalong with the chorus rocking out vigorously to the post-hardcore power anthem that invigorated everybody there. They brought out another punishing cut on “Ribcage” as it got all in attendance moshing while being battered by a diversity of singing and thrashing by the boys.

“I Am You” was yet another brutal track that was unleashed at this performance as everyone followed Clark’s enraged enlightenments as this one got heads banging and fists pumping. Demon Hunter lowered the boom giving their adoring faithful a break from the action on “Carry Me Down.” “Fading Away” continued the melodic Christian rock goodness as they melted the audience into submission as they testified to all combining soft tones with harsh roars behind this great rhythm section that shook the rafters.

The guys brought out “The Soldier’s Song” which got the concert venue torn to shreds as it was wrenching and awesome at the same time. The band dug deep into their shelves with something from their past releases on “Follow The Wolves” as it shivered the spine as they screamed and sang their hearts out with harmonious results. Demon Hunter relinquished more material from previous albums with “Undying” as it was pure unadulterated metallic rage matched well with inspirational lyrics. The Nashville devoted followers of this quartet went nuts as they showed up with “Infected” which tightened up the circle on the floor pummeling each other in the name of God.

They got symphonic on “16” as they cranked out the madness with some old school metal charm grasping the people into a choke hold. Yet another provocative ballad chilled the air as they unveiled “My Heartstrings Come Undone” as cheers and shrieks glittered out from the folks as cigarette lighters and cellular phones lit up in a cavalcade of glory as the boys showered them with heartfelt vocals and shimmering breaks. Next they intertwined “The Flame That Guides Us Home” and “Not I” as a choir of angels flutter and chirp the refrain before armageddon blazed The Music City’s skies. “Not Ready To Die” rounded out this amazing set by one of Christian hardcore’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as they drew an onslaught of heavy metal damage at this show. We look forward for another studio album from Demon Hunter and this live disc definitely was an appetizer for the main course that’s yet to come.