India Reveals Plans for $20 Laptop, Promises to Drop Price to Just $10 in 6 Months

India is quickly becoming known as the place to mass produce cheap goods. First they introduced us to the $2500 Tata Nano car, and now this week plans for a $10 laptop to be mass produced have been revealed. There are concerns, however, of whether such a device could be produced at such a low price, especially considering that no model or prototypes have yet been unveiled.

Officials are promising that the $20 "Sakshat" laptop will be available for just $10 about six months after it goes into mass production. Plans for the laptop were revealed on Tuesday in the city of Tirupati.

Specs on the laptop include 2GB of expandable memory, WiFi, and fixed Ethernet capability. It will also consume just 2 watts of power, and is expected to run off of simple version of the open source Linux operating system.

The laptop is said to have been developed over the course of several months through a collaborative effort of academic, commercial, and government interests. Indian media have reported that Macmillan, Prentice-Hall, Vikas Publishing, and Tata McGraw Hill have all been working with the education ministry, which has been heavily involved in the laptop's development, to provide content and digital textbooks for the Sakshat. Some of these will be free. The government will reportedly provide funding to develop infrastructure and connections for Sakshat users.