The Pizza Hut Delivery From Hell

Back in March I wrote about Pizza Hut's foray into the pasta business. So, finally about a year after its launch, and having just obtained a gift card from my sister to the popular chain as a Valentine's Day gift to me and my wife, I decided that we would try their Meaty Marinara Baked Tuscani Pasta. We had ordered a delicious stuffed crust pizza on Monday with the card with impeccable service, I might add. I was curious at the quality of their pasta and was interested in trying it, but I couldn't have possibly imagined at how eventful my first order would become.

My wife called the Pizza Hut number and their operator was having extreme difficulties with not only taking down the order correctly, but also with copying the numbers she was reading to her from both the gift card and the debit card that we used to place the order. Tthe $20 gift card had about $6 left after ordering the pizza earlier in the week. After many attempts, the order was finally placed and the with delivery promised within 45 minutes.

In a relatively timely manner, we heard a loud pickup truck coming down the street that we figured was probably the pizza delivery man. We were correct.

What transpired next was a combination of comical, terrifying, disturbing, and frustrating.

Before I delve into details about the episode that I will deem the "(non) Food Delivery from Hell", I'll go into some background. We live in a inner-ring suburb on a quiet street. Like a lot of older neighborhoods in the Cleveland area, our street has an alley-way in the back where we park our cars. I have lived in the house for a little over six years, and have had many meals delivered here. And while some express surprise that there is no driveway in the front, no one has ever driven up on the lawn.

Until now.

The gentleman, who slowed down and first expressed caution as there was probably little traction that the snow covered turf was providing, flew up the lawn and came dangerously close to hitting the house and probably caused a good deal of damage to lawn that was wet from yesterday's day long downpour. As a homeowner, I was understandably annoyed at what had just happened and told the man that he had just completely turfed my lawn (a first and most likely the last time this happens unless he comes back tonight in anger, which I don't entirely dismiss as he showed extreme anger issues to go along with his incompetency). I added he was an idiot for doing so, in a matter of fact non confrontational way, mind you. I didn't think I was out of line for expressing my frustration towards him, considering he had just done a lot of damage to my property. However, instead of expressing regret or apologizing he flipped out. And I mean flipped out to the point of scary.

The pizza delivery man who drove the black Ford pickup truck started hurling insults at me (calling me a fat (insert four letter word)), made it apparent that he wanted to have a physical confrontation with me (for a second I thought he would attack me in my own house), said that I should place a sign out front that states I don't have a driveway, and scared my pregnant wife half to death with his outrageous and dangerous behavior.

After getting him (somewhat) calmed down, I took a look at the bill I was to sign to complete the transaction. To my dismay, the people at the store failed to credit the gift certificate to the order. Not knowing if they had charged the nominal amount to the gift card that we intended to use, I told him that I could not sign the receipt because I may have been overcharged if they did, in fact, charge the amount on the gift card. The man then stormed back to his car with the food that we had ordered. His "(non food) Delivery of Terror" came to an end when he floored his loud truck in reverse to the already damaged lawn purposely looking to wreak more havoc to the distressed turf.

I proceeded to call the Pizza Hut customer service line to lodge a complaint. After waiting for a long period on hold, I was able to convey the crazy story to the personnel on staff who offered a free meal and promised I would not be charged on the order that had already been rung up. The female on the other was helpful and apologetic and offered to send out a free meal to compensate us, but lord knows what they would have done to our food if we had taken them up on that offer, so I declined. Perhaps the most head scratching thing about the whole pasta order gone terribly wrong was how the person who took the order originally had the name on the debit card as Andre and not Eugene which had to be spelled out the worker on the phone twice.

To be clear, I normally am not the type of person that complains about customer service. People that have jobs dealing with people and who probably aren't making the best money do not deserve scorn, and this incident would never have even been written about, but it is so outrageous that I think I had to share it with my readers.

I guess the moral of the story would be, if you want an eventful night you can order pasta from Pizza Hut. I highly doubt that it would as eventful as my order gone completely awry.

***While finishing the story, the man in the black pickup truck did, in fact, come back to take pictures of the tracks of mud that he left in his wake. I would presume that the folks over at Pizza Hit customer service probably asked about the incident. And no, he did not bring any pizza or come back to apologize for his remarks to me or the fact that he was (non verbally) challenging to a fight***


I have had their pasta dishes,and liked them very much.I feel bad for you,but my experiences with Pizza Hut have always been very good.As far as being a fat @#$%,maybe you shouldn't be ordering Pizza Hut food .

Why didn't you just call the police immedieatly when the delivery guy drove up on your lawn? That's criminal damage to property. The fact that he then tried to challenge you to a fight was assault, and he could have been arrested on the spot for that. In fact, you could call police now and have him arrested. Your wife was a witness. It would also make the driver more liable (and likely) to pay for the damage to the lawn.

There's no way you should have even thought about accepting delivery, or discussed paying for it.

You know, it was such a freaky thing that happened that I didn't even think of calling the police. When the guy came back really creaped me out. I hope there isn't too much damage to the lawn but cannot be too sure as it is snowy but I do see noticeable tread marks so we'll see. The thing that I am really concerned about is the walkway as it is cement and he could have done some major damage to it but the snow has to melt for me to be 100% sure.

I honestly have never had to call the police in all my 32 years on this planet and it didn't even really register that I should do that but got lectured by an older brother to the fact when I conveyed him the story this morning.

Umm..... so call them now.

***While finishing the story, the man in the black pickup truck did, in fact, come back to take pictures of the tracks of mud that he left in his wake. I would presume that the folks over at Pizza Hit customer service probably asked about the incident. And no, he did not bring any pizza or come back to apologize for his remarks to me or the fact that he was (non verbally) challenging to a fight***

More likely he was taking pictures to show his buddies what he did and brag to them. I doubt customer service was that fast. He'll probably get a call the next day and that's when he'll come back to fight some more.

I disagree - most likely he took pictures in case you sue him for damage property to prove how big real damage was.

I refuse to eat @ Pizza the hut after an incident in Tiffin, Ohio a few years back. A friend (who is black) and the most gentilist man I ever met was basicly denied service because of his skin tone. He waited to be seated for over half an hour . finally he just left. but we always boycotted that place ever since.

Even if you can't see the damage, there probably is some. You should file a police report for property damage and/or assault (tell the police and let them decide). At the minimum, PH should pay for any repairs to your lawn and sidewalk.

Take lots of pictures yourself, too.

A sorry story ... a guy accidentally drives onto a lawn because it is covered with snow.
You insult the guy, he insults you, I read here about 'criminal damage to property', 'suing' ... if this is the way you Americans treat each other, I feel sad for you!

why, yes it is how we treat each other; if if will make you "unsad"/happy you can lick me

I agree! I feel bad for the delivery guy. Makes an honest mistake and then this asshole treats him like shit and acts shocked when the driver treats him the same way back. Pathetic.

I ordered my pizza at 7:12pm and they said it would be a 35 minutes for delivery, but it is 10:16pm and i still haven't recieved my pizza!

I am hungry already, I think I could use some pizza delivery. I never tried Pizza Hut though, I wish I did since most of you have built an entire "industry" around it. Who invented pizza anyway? Does anybody know?

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