Courtney Love's Crazy MySpace Posts Earn Her a Lawsuit

Over the past year, Courtney Love has embraced social networking more than most celebrities that we know. In fact at one point she blogged more than 60 times in a single day on her MySpace account. While most of what she writes is unreadable mumbo-jumbo, occassionally she posts something that apparently makes sense to someone out there. And now, she's getting sued.

Designer Dawn Simorangkir is suing Love for six counts - libel, invasion of privacy-false light, intentional interference with a prospective economic advantage, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and two breach of contract charges. This follows Love's long rants about, a website for artists selling handmade goods, and the designer herself.

Simorangkir claims that in 2008 Love approached her about designing clothes. Love even flew the designer and her husband out to LA from their home in Austin, TX. In February 2009, they started falling out after Simorangkir asked for payment for a custom-made dress that the singer had ordered.

In the twenty-two page long document, the designer refers to herself as "the latest victim of Love's volatile personality, hair trigger temper, and malicious torturous behavior." She also lists Love's Twitter and MySpace posts that refer to her as "drug addict and dealer" and "a thief a liar" who'll eventually "end up in a circle of [s]corched earth hunted til your dead."

Courtney, of course, felt the need to respond to the lawsuit on her MySpace blog. You can try to make sense of it yourself, because to me it's a bunch of nonsensical jibberish written in what only slightly resembles the English language.

If this makes it to court and Love has to appear, that will make for an interesting video.