5 Sites You Should Know

Considering I am on the web far too much I decided to share some of my obsession with you today. Here are five websites that I believe you find useful as you battle the jungle that is the World Wide Web. Some of the sites you may know some you may not. Hope you find these useful!

1) meevee.com: What is meevee.com? It is an online TV guide. Its ease of use will have you hooked from the moment you log on. This is a great replacement for tv.yahoo.com which, for some baffling reason, makes you log in when you when want to check what is on the tube. Great for us couch potatoes out there.

2) urbandictionary.com: Urban Dictionary is the best slang dictionary ever assembled. It will have you laughing for hours. Here is an example of some of the type of stuff you find on the site:

George W. Bush

4006 up, 1570 down

Proof that voting in America can be rigged. Instigated the 9/11 attacks with his illogical foreign policies, and made the world hate America even more by starting an illegal oil war in Iraq. He has also succeeded in turning America from a once prosperous nation into a debt-ridden chaos.
Way to go, Dubya.
There are other definitions but that is the one that has the most ‘thumbs up’. Definitions are posted and voted on. If you have a teenage kid or are around them this site will help you understand their foreign language.

3) mobilewhack.com: Love Tech toys? So do I and that’s why I love this site. Updated on a regular basis. I just wish I could afford more of the toys myself.

4) Slickdeals.net: Love bargains? Then you’ll love slickdeals. You will find all kinds of goodies at great prices and sometimes even free!

5) Googlelibrarian.com : This site will help you navigate the web. Not just for librarians but for everyone. Check out the tutorials to help you find your next favorite site!

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