6th Round Pick Out of Norfolk State Don Carey Talks About Becoming a Cleveland Brown

The Cleveland Browns are taking a chance on a defensive back out of Norfolk State by the name of Don Carey. By all accounts, Carey is a smart DB who played both safety and cornerback in college. He was courted to play college ball by Yale before choosing Norfolk State. The four year college starter impressed at the combine and spoke the Cleveland media after getting selected by the team in the 6th round earlier today:

(On what kind of a player he is) - “A four-year starter at Norfolk State, started off at free safety and moved to corner towards the end of my career. Senior year I played both corner and safety. I’ve been on every special teams, kickoff, punt, punt return, PAT block. I do whatever the coach asks and I’ll be the first one to volunteer for anything.”

(On his good hands and his ball sense) - “That all comes from watching film and getting a good feel for who you’re playing against. The more film you watch on both yourself and the team you’re playing against, the better you are and the more comfortable you feel. It makes it easier to be in the right place at the right time.”

(On if there was any indication of the Browns interest in him) - “Yes and no. I received a letter from the general manager (George Kokinis) last week and they were at my pro day. But besides that, that’s the only time that I talked to them. I’m just happy to be a Brown and I can’t wait to get in and start working hard and do what I’ve got to do to help the team win.”

(On the transition from Norfolk State to the NFL) - “The biggest thing I can think of is it’s going to be a lot faster. I’m really going to have a challenge getting acclimated to the speed very fast to help myself out and make sure I get on every special team, so I can give myself a better chance of making the squad.”

(On almost attending Yale and who was recruiting him out of high school) - “Coming out of high school I really wasn’t highly recruited as far as football. I had a lot of academic scholarships. I had financial aid to Yale, financial aid to Michigan, financial aid to Colgate, Lehigh, all kinds of schools, Patriot and Ivy League schools. I only had one football scholarship and that was Norfolk State. I really couldn’t afford to go to Yale. I’m honored that I received that acceptance letter and whatnot, but Norfolk State gave me the best chance to get a college education and still play football.”

(On what he is studying at Norfolk State and his degree status) - “I majored in building construction technology and I have a minor in architectural drafting. No sir, I have four credits remaining.”

(On if he prides himself on his intelligence) - “Yes, it is. My mother raised us saying school first. She used to ground us for bringing in C’s. So first things first, when I was in college I was a student athlete, now I can focus more on football.”

(On if he would be a better defensive coordinator with his academic credentials) - “Hopefully one day, long after the NFL is over with, I’ll get into that. But right now, I’m looking to play defensive back first.”

(On if he knows anything about the Browns current secondary) - “No, I do not but before the night is over with I will have my homework done.”

(On if he is able to play anywhere in the secondary) - “Yes. It always helps out, especially in my situation coming from a small school, when the more I can do, the more of a chance I have of making the squad.”

(On where he was during the draft and where he was expecting to be drafted) - “Right now, I’m with my family in Norfolk, Virginia. I was expecting to be drafted in the late rounds like I did, possibly a free agent. The only thing I truly was expecting was to make it to somebody’s camp and really get an opportunity to work hard and earn a spot.”

(On making the jump from Norfolk State to the NFL) - “The biggest thing that I’m going to have to work on is getting acclimated to the speed of the game. I know it’s going to be a lot faster. The faster I can get the speed down and the playbook down, the better I will be.”

(On the letter he received from General Manager George Kokinis) - “It was the only one I got and I didn’t get any other like it. I mean I had some calls from a couple defensive back coaches but to get something from a General Manager, I’ve got that hanging up right now.”

(On what the letter said) - “He was just congratulating me on having a successful college career and he thought that I could step right in the organization and help the team out right away.”

(On if he is going to frame the letter) - “I did that two days later. It’s already framed.”

Here is a local television report on Carey after he was selected by the Browns:


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