John Kasich Teases Presidential Announcement In Facebook Video

It isn’t a very well kept secret that Ohio Governor John Kasich intends to run for the Republican party nomination for President in 2016. The campaign took another step to reality by posting a video on Facebook that teased a big announcement is coming at Ohio State in 6 days.

Six Days. www.JohnKasich.com

Posted by John Kasich on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It seems as if Kasich is the second entry in the big money that the Koch brothers will throw into this election cycle. He joins fellow Koch sucker linked candidate Scott Walker who threw his hat into the ring two days ago.

They often call the Presidential campaign a horse race and the Koch’s seem to be running what is referred to as a coupled entry. The Koch Brothers will likely see how Walker, who is faring well in polling in Iowa, does in the first caucus and will have Kasich waiting in the wings in New Hampshire if he fails to gain momentum there.

Kasich already has a feather in his cap in the election cycle earning the support of big money player John Sununu. That is a big development in which Kasich commented to the local press.

“I’ve got John Sununu here in New Hampshire helping me, what can be better. We are getting some resources, so we’re optimistic.”

So, it seems, that Kasich is a viable candidate in 2016. He seems to have neglected Iowa all together but has big money players waiting in the wings in the first primary in New Hampshire to prop up his candidacy going forward.