Lebron James Denied Full Police Escort to OSU vs. Miami Football Game

What Lebron James wants, he doesn't always get. This is a lesson that the former Cavalier is learning the hard way in the state of Ohio. James reportedly asked Ohio State University's Police Department for a full escort for his arrival at the Buckeyes vs. Hurricanes game on Saturday, but was rather quickly denied.

A source says that at best he'll get one police officer to escort him, and that "he made his decision."

James used to get everything he wanted while in the Buckeye state, but having made the decision to take his talents to South Beach, Ohioans aren't very inclined to go the extra mile for him.

No word on whether James, a native of Akron, Ohio, has shown up at the game sporting Miami garb...


Did Lebron James attend the Ohio State vs Miami Game? If so, why no media mention?

he was a no show

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Ok, so Lebron James is no longer 'king'. He still looks pretty mean though and I guess he is a lot taller than me, so Mr James get some respect from us.