Rush Limbaugh Wonders if John Elway’s Endorsement of Mitt Romney Will Hurt Him in Ohio

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At a rally on Monday, John Elway endorsed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh not only called this a “gutsy” move by the NFL Hall of Fame quarterback, but also questioned if Elway’s endorsement would hurt Romney in Ohio.
You know, because John Elway is hated in Ohio because of “The Drive” during the 1987 AFC Championship. Cleveland Browns fans are a tough bunch, and if they hate Elway, perhaps Elway’s endorsement of Romney could influence Ohioans not to vote for him. Limbaugh, for his part, states that this would be a “ridiculous” notion, but says it is one that the media will float nonetheless:

“Hey, here’s a question for you. Elway endorses Romney. Elway is hated in Ohio. Elway was the author of ‘The Drive’ against the Cleveland Browns, one of the most famous games in NFL history. So is Elway’s endorsement of Romney gonna hurt Romney with Browns fans because the Browns are all important in Ohio, and they hate Elway? Well, I’m just throwing it out there. I mean it’s the way the media might analyze this. I’m just trying to prepare you for what might come of this. It’s the way they connect the dots. I know it sounds ridiculous.”

But could it really be true? Would Ohioans really not vote for Romney because they hate Elway so much that their hatred of him would override their political leanings? Not likely.
One thing that Limbaugh did get right though is the following statement:
“He can affect fans’ attitude towards the team with his political views. He’s loved and adored in Denver.”
It’s 100% true. Not everyone is pleased when their favorite celebrity or athlete comes out and takes a political stand, especially if it’s not one that they agree with. It can color their view and taint their feelings towards the person. Taking a political stand is risky business.

Rush Limbaugh Wonders if John Elway’s Endorsement of Mitt Romney Will Hurt Him in Ohio
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