Best Breakfast In Cleveland Ohio 2018

Some of my best childhood memories is eating breakfast with my family. Pancakes fresh off the griddle, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and biscuits with jelly. A big glass of orange juice to wash it down with was the cap to a great start to the day on Saturday mornings. What made breakfast extra special was when the family would go out to eat.

Even today when I take the family out for breakfast it is a special treat. I don’t what it is about seeing your child order their food but there are not many things that bring a smile to my face quicker than when my daughter requests cheese in her eggs and blueberry syrup for her waffles. Every week Clevelanders have wonderful experiences at breakfast and The Cleveland Leader has compiled the best places in town for the most important meal of the day. Great food at a good price are some key factors that many people in Cleveland care about when choosing where to go to sit down for breakfast.

Many of the establishments on our list are in the “Under $10 Club” which means none of their menu items cost more than $10. If you love steak and eggs, eggs benedict, pancakes and bacon or omelets, these places are sure to please. If we missed your diner please email us and we will consider it next time.

Shaker Heights/Cleveland Heights/Univerisyt Heights/South Euclid

Bill’s Coffee Shop

A South Euclid tradition, Bill’s has all of your favorites for breakfast and lunch. Every week the specials rotate and you are sure to enjoy their omelets, pancakes and eggs as well as steak and eggs and the mom and pop vibe that has kept customers coming back even though it is a cash only establishment. Weekends are not complete without a stop at Bill’s.

3954 Mayfield Rd South Euclid, OH 44121

Yours Truly

The Shaker Square location is one of the busiest in Cleveland. Yours Truly is family owned and operated and has 9 locations in the Greater Cleveland Area. Signature omelets like the Gorgeous and Sedona as well as classic breakfast dishes like the eggs benedict and belgian waffle have helped Yours Truly come a long way from their original location in Beachwood back in 1981.

13228 Shaker Square Cleveland, OH 44120

First Watch

One of the few National Chains dedicated to breakfast lunch and brunch, Fresh Start has a healthy approach to food and it has been a model organization in the markets they serve. Not to mention their food is pretty good too which has garnered numerous awards such as the Silver Spoon Award in several citites including Cleveland.

19350 Cedar Rd University Heights, OH 44118

Greedy Girl Restaurant

Greedy Girl Cleveland specializes in Greek and Indian street food. Their Brunch menu has many diverse treats that will make your breakfast experience original and a party for your mouth. Indian and Greek mash up is an excellent reflection of the diversity that is Cleveland Heights. Some of the favorites include the Belgiha Baklava Waffle, Vegand Omelet and thr Alpha and Omega.

2158 South Taylor Rd Cleveland Heights, OH 44118


Southside Diner

My uncle Tony once took me here and the food was awesome! I found out what most people in Parma already know about the Southside Diner. Great food and friendly service. Some of the most requested meals for breakfast include the Kitchen Sink, To Die for Crock Pot Roast, Southside Special, Steak and Eggs and the Athenian Breakfast.

10705 West Pleasant Valley Rd. Parma, OH 44130

Kosta and Vic’s Family Restaurant

Two of the main characteristics of a top breakfast spot in the Greater Cleveland Area is great prices for delicious food. If you can deliver both on a consistent basis, your restaurant will be wildly successful. Such is the case with Kosta and Vic’s. Nothing on the breakfast menu is over $10 and from personal experience the food is amazing. Some top choices include the Crepe Combo, Meat Lovers’ Skillet, and Kosta’s Specialty Omellette.

10300 West Sprague Rd Cleveland, OH 44130

Victoria’s Deli and Restaurant

For over 35 years, Victoria’s has been a Parma Breakfast haven. Having one of the most extensive breakfast menus in Cleveland, Victoria’s can satisfy most urges you would have during breakfast. It seems that in Parma tasty food for the low is an epidemic as the prices here are family friendly with no item over $10. From Skillets, to Eggs Benedict, Victoria’s is a place an eastider like me would hop on I480 West for.

6779 Ames Rd Parma, OH 44129

Downtown/West 25th/Tremont

Jack Flap’s Lunchonette and Urban Breakfast Shoppe

One of Downtown Cleveland’s most popular breakfast and brunch spots, Jack Flaps has perhaps the best pancakes, waffles and crepes in town. Be sure to taste the house bacon, Tiramisu pancakes, Peanut Butter cup Waffles and the Real F’ing Breakfast Burrito.

3900 Lorain Ave Cleveland, OH 44113

530 Euclid Ave Ste 10 Cleveland, OH 44115

Chicago’s Home of Chicken and Waffles

One of the newest restaurants downtown, Chicago’s has perfected the All American dish of Chicken and Waffles. They have in my opinion the largest selection of Chicken and Waffles in town if not the State of Ohio as well as Catfish and Waffles, omellettes and skillets. Some fan favorites include the June Bear, The Rosemary, The Jimmy L, The Betty Lou and Evelyn’s Eggstasy

1144 Prospect Ave E Cleveland, OH 44115

Mel’s Cafe

Located by The Flats, Mel’s Cafe has some of the best breakfast downtown and this is another member of the Under $10 Club, which is a mazing considering the fact that they are downtown. Every Friday be sure to take advatnge of Pancake Fridays where you can enjoy 3 pancakes, 2 sausages, butter and syrup for on $5.50. Other favorites are the Kielbasa Omelette, the Fried Egg sandwich and the Loaded Omellette.

1468 West 9th Street Cleveland, OH 44113

Grumpy’s Cafe

One of Tremont’s foundational restaurants, Grumpy’s has been serving customers for over 20 years.
A popular destination for Brunch, Grumpy’s breakfast menu has all of your favorites such as breakfast burriots, pancakes, eggs benedict and skillets. I reccomend the West 14th Special, Breaksfast tacos and Tremont’s Favorite.

2621 West 14th Street Cleveland, OH 44113

Shay’s Restaurant

One of the area’s most beloved restairants, the clientele is as diverse as the city itself. Police, Firefighters, musicians, social workers, teachers and factory workers pile in every morning for breakfast at Shay’s.

4007 St. Clair Ave Cleveland, OH 44103

Annie B and Earl’s Pancake House

Right next door to Shay’s is Annie B and Earl’s Pancake House. Another Cleveland original, they have some of the best pancakes in the city. Some of the best entrees include Chuck’s fish and Grits, Chicken and Pancakes, Daddy “Lewis” Fried Green Tomatoes Special and Bessie’s Big Breakfast.

4017 St. Clair Ave Cleveland, OH 44103


Cracker Barrell Old Country Store

One of the nation’s most loved restaurants, Cracker Barrell is the go-to breaksfast place for millions of people every week. The Willoughby location is one of the best in Cleveland with people coming from all over town. The service is A1 and the food has never dissappointed. My personal favorites are The Cracxker Barrell Country Boy Breaksfast, Uncle Herschel’s favorite and the Wild Main Bluebrerry Pancakes.

6055 SOM Center Rd Willoughby, OH 44094

Waffle House

Another National Treasure, The Waffle House has many American Breakfast classics like Steak and Eggs, Texas melts and of course waffles. I must say that their coffee is always fresh at this location and the servers are friendly. While the Waffle House is not a member of the Under $10 Club, they have recently added a Value Dollars Menu so you can save money.

36333 Vone Street Willoughby, OH 44094

Sidewalk Cafe

With locatioins in Euclid and a new one in Painesville, The Sidewalk Cafe has become on of Euclid’s favorite restaurants. Open 24 hours a day, The Sidewalk Cafe never seems to have a slow period. In addition to having a large Breakfast menu, The Sidewalk Cafe is a member of the Under $10 Club and has free wi-fi for guests. Some of the area’s most requested entrees include the Gyro Meat Omelet, the Big Breakfast witrh Turkey Sausage, the Sunrise Special and the Early Special.

27101 Euclid Ave Euclid, OH 44132

1 S. State Street Painesville, OH 44077

Gus’s Diuer One Eight Five

Gus’s is one of the area’s most frequented and respected businesses. Another member f the Under $10 Club, Gus’s has a full menu for breakfast and lunch. Some of the most ordered meals include the Corned Beef Omelet, Chocolate Chip Hotcakes, the mediterranean Omelet, French Toast with Eggs and the Bellybuster.

797 East 185th Street Cleveland, OH 44119


Gray Dog Diner

As one of the 30 best diners in Cleveland, The Gray Dog is solidified as one of the city’s finest. This is very impressive as Lakewood has a long history as one of the city’s best places for food. Accolades and all, The Gray Dog Diner is another member of the Under $10 Club for its breakfast menu. Some of the entrees that has customers citywide coming back every week include the Breakfast Special, the Eagle Special, Gray Dog Omelet. And the Gray Dog Breakfast Burger.

13411 Detroit Ave Lakewood, OH 44107

Southern Cafe

One of the Premeire Soul Food Restairants in town, The Souther Cafe has a small yet impactful breakfast menu. Some of the meals that has soul foodies coming from all areas of town include the red Velvet Waffles(yes I said Red Velvet Waffles), Soulful Breakfast, Chicken and Waffles and the Hungryman. You can also have your breakfast delivered thru Uber eats if you do not feel like hopping out of bed.

11817 Detroit Rd Lakewood, OH 44107

The Root Cafe

Talk about variety! If you are a vegetarian, many of your breakfast choices are limited. That being said, The Root Cafe has you covered. In addition to hosting local artists every week, The Root cafe has Sunday brunch and a gluten-free breaksfast menu. Some of the highlighted entrees include the Damn good egg sandwich, Vegan Style Burrito, Kim’s Breakfast Bowl and the What Came First? Scramble.

15118 Detroit Ave Lakewood, OH 44107

Borderline Cafe

Another Lakewood staple, the Borderline Cafe has a Southwestern feel to its menu. If you are not into spouth of the border cuisine you can enjoy buttermilk pancakes and french toast. The rest of us will indulge in the Smack your A** Choriz Tacos, Breakfast Quesadillas, Steak and Egg Sliders, Stuffed French Toast and the Hueveos Rancheros Carnitas.

18508 Detroit Rd Cleveland, OH 44107

Maple Heights/Bedford/Solon

Famous Gyro George

One of the city’s best chain of restaurants, Gyro George has been feeding Clevelanders 24 hours a day 7 days a week since 1991. With 10 locations, it can be argued that Gyro George is THE Breakfast King of Cleveland. With dozens of specials throughout the day, you can be sure to get the most for your money even though they are not a member of the Under $10 Club. Some of the best deals include George’s Favorite, The Cleveland, the PHAT Omelet, the Big Azz Breakfast and the Rise N’ Shine

5170 Northfield Rd Cleveland, OH 44137


One of America’s most enduring and dependable restairantss, IHOP has been and continues to be a top choice in Cleveland for breakfast. If you are a pancake lover then IHOP (International House of Pancakes) is where you probably had your first pancake in life. I love how they give you pots of coffee and the turkey sausage brings increased meaning to my life. My personal favorites are the
Sweet Creme Cheese Crepes, Chicken Fajita Omelette and of course pancakes with strawberry syrup

Meadowbrook Market Square #11 Bedford, OH 44146

Jim’s Open Kitchen

With a second location in Streetsboro, Solon residents have enjoyed breakfast at Jim’s for many years. It is truly a family affair as the staff is dedicated and are eager to serve you. Another member of the “World Renown” Under $10 Club(copyright pending), Jim’s Open Kitchen has many breakfast items that are ecnomical and tasty. Some local favorites are Jim’s Amazing Waffles, Herb Nelson, Eggs Benedict, Rich’s Special and the Jack Special.

33779 Aurora Rd Solon, OH 44139

Make sure to check out the Best Sunday Brunch in Cleveland as well.

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Mike & Abby Sweeney are our resident foodies. Their thought process on food is "to give everything a chance." Matt loves craft beers, Italian food, and any play on bar bites. Abby is into wine, cheese, and anything Asian. Together they form a dynamic duo eager to weigh in on any new restaurant!


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Mike & Abby Sweeney

Mike & Abby Sweeney are our resident foodies. Their thought process on food is "to give everything a chance." Matt loves craft beers, Italian food, and any play on bar bites. Abby is into wine, cheese, and anything Asian. Together they form a dynamic duo eager to weigh in on any new restaurant!

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