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Lunch in Cleveland is a problem. Please hear me out. It’s not a problem in the sense of not having many places to choose from. The challenge is selecting where to go as picking quality food selections is akin to choosing which seashell you want to take home from Miami Beach. Historically, you would have to speed to a drive-thru to grab a bite to eat, pool resources with co-workers for pizza or Chinese, brown bag it or go to the cafeteria at your place of employment and settle for having lunch dropped on your plate from an ice cream scooper. NONE of these options were favorable. Trying to organize payment for lunch at work can be worse than trying to pass the budget in the United States Congress. Second, you risk being late if the drive-thru line was long, and no matter where you work at, many times the food sold at work just did not cut the mustard.

In the 21st Century, Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Skip The Dishes and online shopping has made lunch so much easier. These outlets have essentially placed the best food in town at your fingertips. No more collecting money or stressing at the stop light because you are late again and when you don’t want mom’s meatloaf you can opt out. Today, the biggest challenge is choosing what you want to eat, which can take LONGER than actually going to grab the food but I digress. For the fortunate few who have hour long lunches and better (aka Management), we have added places that have great options for the people who can sit down for a quick bite and crucial networking. We also added some places that are popular for company lunches. Overall, this assignment is tougher than picking lunch on a payday so if we missed your favorite spot please have mercy on us and buy us lunch from there!

Kumo Japanese Seafood Buffet

If you are in Parma during lunch, be sure to pay Kumo Japanese Seafood Buffet a visit. They have one of the largest selections for a buffet in the city. The environment is peaceful, the staff is friendly and many a deal has been struck over sushi and chicken wings here. People come from all over town for Kumo’s dizzying array of entrees that are refilled regularly.

1975 Snow Rd Parma, OH 44134


Are you serious? Yes I am. McDonald’s is the number one option for lunch in America if not the world. Leaving Ronald McDonald off the list would be disrespectful and dishonest. Partnering with Uber eats was one of the best moves they have made this year. This has made the daily trip up or down the street moot and enjoying all your favorites that much easier to acquire like Fish and the new chicken sandwiches.

Black Box Fix

One of the hottest restaurants in town, Black Box Fix has an eclectic lineup of sandwiches, burgers and wraps that has taken the city by storm. Located in Legacy Village, they are a citywide favorite and your lunch can be saved by pulling them up on your Uber eats app. Some of the most requested sandwiches are The “Famous” OMG Philly, Boss Philly, Chicken Hibachi, Railroader Burger, Sweet Blue Fire and the Soul Fix Turkey Burger.

25359 Cedar Rd Lyndhurst, OH 44124

Slymann’s Restaurant

The Cleveland Corned Beef Deity, Slymann’s is one of if not the ALL-TIME lunchtime favorite in the 216. People have made the trip from Akron and Canton to bring back their legendary corned beef sandwiches to their co-workers(I was there). Presidents, movie stars, Platinum selling artists and countless local and international celebrities have made the pilgrimage to Slymann’s. If Slymann’s ever decides to get on Uber eats many restaurants will be out of business.

3106 St. Clair Ave Cleveland, OH 44114


One of the world’s fastest growing restaurant chains, Chipotle has been able to maintain steady growth due to great food, fast service and quality ingredients. On every side of town, lunchtime is packed with customers and they remain a popular Mexican option for catered lunches and parties. Regardless of if you love the bowls, tacos or burritos, Chipotle is sure to hit the spot.


When management orders lunch for everyone, it is a holiday. If you brought your lunch, you can leave it in the fridge for the next day. If you was going out for lunch, you can save your money. Usually it is chinese or pizza. If it is pizza, many area workplaces have made Gionino’s their go-to place. For over 28 years Gionino’s has grown to 44 locations so it can be said they are the #1 pizza option in Cleveland.

Mr. Hero

Another Cleveland favorite, Mr. Hero is now available on Uber eats. Chicken Phillys, Romanburgers, waffle fries with cheese sauce can now be delivered to you during your lunch break.  Because each sandwich are made fresh, customers typically order ahead and pick them up versus waiting during the lunch rush. The only thing better than the Romanburgers are the commercials with Cleveland Quarterbacks.

TJ Buffet and Sushi

Buffets are awesome. You get to eat a wide variety of food for a set price and all the best ones have DELICIOUS lemonade and iced tea. TJ Buffet and Sushi has all of these qualities and more. Located in Mayfield Heights, I am pretty sure that their lunch buffet of $4.99 is the best lunch deal in Cleveland. This fact alone has forever disqualified certain sandwich shops from consideration. For 5 bucks you can have sushi, buffalo wings, pot roast, General Tso’s Chicken and a myriad of asian and american entrees. Some of the best things about TJ Buffet besides the food and the service is that you can be in and out quickly and you can take some food to go by the pound. The Arnold Palmers are great too.

5866 Mayfield rd Cleveland, OH 44124

Mike & Abby Sweeney


Mike & Abby Sweeney are our resident foodies. Their thought process on food is "to give everything a chance." Matt loves craft beers, Italian food, and any play on bar bites. Abby is into wine, cheese, and anything Asian. Together they form a dynamic duo eager to weigh in on any new restaurant!


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Mike & Abby Sweeney

Mike & Abby Sweeney are our resident foodies. Their thought process on food is "to give everything a chance." Matt loves craft beers, Italian food, and any play on bar bites. Abby is into wine, cheese, and anything Asian. Together they form a dynamic duo eager to weigh in on any new restaurant!

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