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Acne is a common problem to many. For most of us who have had to deal with acne, we can remember the high school days when it first took over our faces. We all thought that it would disappear by the time high school was over only to have it persist into adult life. Luckily the Best Night Cream for Acne Prone Skin will help to control it.

There are many forms of acne. Some types will develop deeper in the skin and are caused by a surge of hormones. Other types such as whiteheads are not so deep but can be a real pain. When the temperatures rise, there is a higher chance of the pores on your face getting filled up and clogged with sebum as well as dirt.

One of the many mistakes that people make is putting on a moisturizer when the pores are clogged. This often has negative effects on the skin. Don’t get me wrong, moisturizing the skin is an important part of managing and treating acne. However, it should be done at the appropriate time.

Keep in mind that there is special moisturizer for the face. The one that you apply on your hands and body should not be applied on your face. Certain ingredients should not be contained in a face moisturizer. These include petroleum, silicones and mineral oils.

Alcohol is yet another ingredient to stay clear of. It has the potential to cause the skin to dry which in turn results in the skin releasing more oils that clog the pores and facilitates the development of acne.

The best night cream for oily acne prone skin should have less oils and gel and contain more water based ingredients. It should come with ingredients such as benzoyl and salicylic acid. These two prevent breakouts. Glycerin and hyaluronic acid absorb water from the air into the skin which helps it to retain moisture.

Lactic acid and glycolic are exfoliants that help to clear dark spots or red spots. It is said that prevention is better than cure, lets now look at a few tips to help prevent acne breakouts.

Wash the Face

It’s important to keep the face clean. This helps to remove any dead skin, dirt or oils that may end up clogging the pores. You should wash the face twice a day. Any more may cause irritation and will end up drying the skin.

Ensure that you use a mild soap and use a soft cloth. You do not want to irritate the skin as this can promote acne breakouts.

Don’t Use Makeup in Case of a Breakout

In case you notice that there is acne on you face, avoid using make up as this will only serve to enhance its development. On the other hand, if you have to wear makeup, ensure that you wash your face in the evening.

The right makeup needs to be oil free that does not contain added chemicals. You can look for noncomedogenic which means that it will not cause acne.

Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

Frequently touching your face in an attempt to look for pimples may transfer bacteria. If your face is irritated, the bacteria can easily gain access to your skin. Avoid picking the pimples at all times as this will create an avenue for infection and leave behind a scar.

Don’t Stand in The Sun

Staying in the sun for extended periods will result in hyperpigmentation or inflammation. If you are using certain products to cure acne, this may cause the skin on your face to be even more sensitive to ultra violet radiation.

Ensure that you use a broad-spectrum sunscreen when you are going out in the sun. It should have an SPF 30 and should be applied 20 minutes before you go out. Keep in mind that the sunscreen should be noncomedogenic.

Regular Exercisesbest night cream for dry acne prone skin

More nutrients are sent to the skin cells when we exercise. Take care to avoid any tight clothing that rubs on to the skin and causes inflammation.

Avoid Stressful Situations

Studies have actually shown that the more we are stressed the more the acne will spread. Take time and relax. Your skin will thank you for it.

Use the right products for your hair

Certain hair products such as oils, gels and pomades may irritate the skin on your face when they make contact and block the pores. Ensure that the shampoo you use is gentle and if you have oily hair, make sure that you wash it regularly as these oils could also get on your face and cause irritation.

Eat Right

The wrong types of food may actually result in acne. The main culprits are processed foods, animal products as well as greasy foods. Foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains will help to keep your skin healthy. Some of the worst foods that will indeed promote acne include:

  • Milk-there are plenty of theories as to why cow’s milk tends to promote acne breakouts. One is that it results in an increase in insulin which in turn promotes the release of sebum into the skin. There is also an increase in blood sugar levels which can cause inflammation and later acne.
  • Sugar-some people have noticed that when they have sugary foods, their acne seems to develop. This is due to inflammation caused by high blood sugar. To avoid this, cut back on the quantity of sugary foods and drinks that you consume in a day.
  • High-Glycemic foods-these are the type of foods that are easily broken down in our bodies. They raise the blood sugar levels quite fast and include, white bread, cereals, cookies, white rice, etc.

Some of the best foods to eat include

  • Fish-unlike the omega-6 fatty acids that are contained in most western diets, fish contains healthy omega-3 acids that have been shown to reduce inflammation and control acne.
  • Green tea-this contains antioxidants that help fight free radicals that could cause inflammation and acne breakouts.
  • Oysters-these are rich in zinc which helps to fight acne.

Now that you are have the basic know how of dealing with acne and maintaining a proper diet, let’s consider the best night cream for acne prone skin.

Top 5 Night Creams for Acne Prone Skin

LAVO Daily Moisturizer Cream 

If you have oily skin that is also prone to acne, you may have just found what you need with the LAVO daily moisturizer cream. This cream has no fragrance and is also non-greasy which make it the perfect match for oily skin.

Some of the ingredients include aloe Vera, hyaluronic acid as well as vitamins A, B, C and D all of which help to rejuvenate the skin and promote healthy cell growth. This cream can be used by both men and women. Once applied to the face it creates a thin layer that protects the skin from harmful bacteria as well as other types of pollutants.

If you have a black head issue, the LAVO daily moisturizer cream will reduce the appearance as well as fading redness and pimples. Results are quick and you will begin to see your face brighten up after a few weeks of application.


  • Keeps off bacteria
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Fragrance free


  • Some of the ingredients are not very popular
  • Has a gluey texture

LilyAna Face Cream Moisturizer 

This face cream is made up of natural ingredients and is non-greasy which also makes it ideal for acne prone skin. It will easily and quickly absorb into the skin without clogging the pores. The cream is not however, restricted to oily skin and will work for both sensitive and dry skin.

When used regularly the natural ingredients will work to ensure that the skin remains young, radiant and will fade blackspots, while reducing and completely eliminating acne. One great feature is that it promotes skin hydration which makes it plump resulting in more tension.

The LiLyAna face cream moisturizer is also effective in the treatment of eczema, dermatitis and rosacea.


  • Hydrates the skin making it soft and supple
  • Offers protection against external pollutants
  • Promotes anti-aging by causing the skin to plump up, increasing the tension and reducing sagginess.
  • Brightens the skin making it look more radiant.


  • The quantities of the ingredients are not laid down.

Era Organics Tee Tree Oil Face Cream 

This facial cream contains salicylic acid which is effective against black heads and white heads. The Era Organics tee tree oil is a good choice for the treatment of acne. Regular use will eliminate and heal any acne on the face.

Tee tree oil is known for its anti-bacterial properties. The facial cream will protect the skin against such pollutants that promote the development of acne. Some ingredients include aloe Vera which is anti-bacterial, triglyceride and glycerin which are effective moisturizers and pomegranate seed oil which is an antioxidant.

The Era organics tee tree oil face cream has a silky texture. This is courtesy of the caprylic triglyceride which also leaves your face feeling smooth. Darker skin seems to work best with this cream. It is however, recommended that you avoid all contact with the eyes.


  • The tee tree oil has anti-bacterial properties which protects the skin from harmful organisms
  • The salicylic acid works to exfoliate the skin
  • The coconut oil and aloe Vera help to keep the skin moisturized
  • Effective in fading blackheads and white heads.
  • Has a silky feel


  • Should not be exposed to long durations in the sun as it could cause reactions.

Vitality 26 Anti-Aging Face Cream 

This excellent face cream from vitality 26 can be used by both men and women and is especially useful if the skin is sensitive. There are plenty of ingredients that are efficient against slowing down the aging process.

Sun damage can cause dark spots, blotches and age spots. The vitality 26 is rich with anti-oxidants which together with the alpha hydroxyl acid fight off free radicals. This results in a young and radiant looking skin.

You will get instant feedback once you apply the face cream as your skin turns soft and supple. Continued use results in a more brighter skin tone. Lines and wrinkles will gradually fade thanks to the anti-aging formula.

The vitality 26 anti-aging face cream is made from natural ingredients which makes it safe to use. This is also an effective product for oily skin that is prone to acne and will gradually fade away the black heads and white heads.


  • Antioxidants fight off free radicals making the skin look young
  • Leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple.
  • Fades wrinkles and lines


  • Its not the fastest working moisturizer

Catherine Ann Best Pore Minimizing Hyaluronic Acid Cream 

Hyaluronic acid is one of the key ingredients in the Catherine Ann pore minimizing cream that will lessen the size of the pores. Others include vitamin E, ocean minerals, aloe Vera as well as Vitamin B5. Smaller pores means fewer pollutants can gain access to your skin.

The facial cream is ideal for people with oily and acne prone skin. It contains less gel which also means that there is no shine after you have applied it on your face. If one of your main concerns is red spots and pigmentation due to sunburn, you will be pleased to know that this cream soothes the skin while also making it bright and radiant.

The Catherine Ann facial cream is fragrance free making it comfortable to use. The production of collagen is greatly improved which radiates the skin tone and the antioxidants found in the ingredients fight off the free radicals providing you with a younger look.

Acne can effectively be treated with the Catherine Ann best pore minimizing cream and regular applications will result in acne fading.


  • Effective against acne
  • Antioxidants help fight free radicals


  • Is not the best at moisturizing the skin


The title for the Best Night Cream for Acne has to go to the LAVO Daily Moisturizer Cream (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE). Other than being quite affordable, it contains ingredients that are rich in antioxidants to fight off free radicals and slow down the aging process. It is also ideal for sensitive skin, moisturizing the skin and is great for treating acne.

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Becca Shaeffer is our resident health nut. An Ohio native, she loathes for the day she can quit her day job and move to somewhere warmer. When she's not at the gym, she's either hacking her way through skin treatments or thinking about her favorite cheat meal - thin crust pizza with anchovies and jalapenos.


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Becca Shaeffer

Becca Shaeffer is our resident health nut. An Ohio native, she loathes for the day she can quit her day job and move to somewhere warmer. When she's not at the gym, she's either hacking her way through skin treatments or thinking about her favorite cheat meal - thin crust pizza with anchovies and jalapenos.

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