What is the Best Point of Sale System for Restaurants in 2020?

The hospitality industry is probably one of the most booming industries in the entire world. You will find restaurants, cafes, hotels, and pizza shops in almost every corner of your country. It takes a real courage on your part to start a new restaurant. The reason is very simple for this statement. The margins are pretty thin, servicing different customers is a rather stressful job, and the competition is definitely stiff.

A number of restaurants, serving similar cuisines, will be competing against each other to get more customers. In order to overtake all your competitors, you need all the possible and available help you can get. Most importantly, the POS or Point of Sale software you use in your restaurant has to be the latest and most updated one in the market. This is where Harbortouch POS steps in the picture helping customers find the best POS system for restaurant.

Harbortouch Helps You to Improve Service and Increase Sales

If you run your own restaurant without enjoying proper profits, then the mere idea of running a business is lost. With the help of the Harbortouch Point of Sale System, you can easily improve your service and boost sales. As a result of this, your profit margin will also improve. Harbortouch POS comes with menu modifiers which can help you increase your average check size, along with previous orders of past customers. This way, you can also provide some loyalty discounts to your loyal customers. On the other hand, using Harbortouch POs also helps you to improve your overall services. You can easily split checks, transfer tickets, reorder items, and change tables at the simple touch of a button. You can also give your customers a peace of mind by allowing them multiple payment options.

Additional Features of Harbortouch POS

There are several additional features you will find in the Harbortouch POS. Some of these have been discussed below.

  1. Easy Menu Setup: This feature helps you to go ahead with real-time menu updates and edits. You need not shut down your system in order to complete your menu updates. The menu editor is highly user-friendly and intuitive, and you can enjoy the unlimited menu categories, items, and modifiers.
  2. best point of sale system for restaurantsSimple Order Management: This feature helps you to split checks, change tables, transfer tickets, repeat ordered items, manage taxes and gratuity, and change prices or quantities.
  3. Customer History Database: This database will tell you about the contact information and order history of customers. This is a great feature that lets you identify your best and most friendly customers and also target them with loyalty programs.
  4. Open Bar Tabs: You can easily manage and open bar tabs for all your customers. If you open bar tabs, it will result in additional income for you by encouraging customers to spend more. You can also let your customers enjoy happy hours with this feature.
  5. Fresh Sheet Inventory: Inventory control happens to be a critical feature of your bar and restaurant management system. With the help of this feature, you can easily monitor and view your restaurant inventory in real-time basis. You will also get low inventory notifications in case you face such situations.
  6. Dynamic Pricing: With the help of this feature you can easily create automatic discounts, coupons, and manual comps. You may also go ahead and apply happy hours to some discounted items.
  7. Staff Management: Without a full-feature employee management database no true point of sale system is complete. With this feature, you can easily monitor your staff by managing various details of your employees such as time-sheet management, hours worked, sales, overtime, and security permissions.
  8. Table Management: The table management feature will let you easily monitor your different table seating by viewing the tables which are vacant and those which are occupied. You will also get to know the number of occupants at each occupied table.
  9. Internal Messaging System: This feature lets you easily communicate with your staff within the POS terminal, as well as, add messages to the login screen. This feature is rather helpful at reminding your staff to perform specific duties, sending across friendly messages, and to promote sales on some items.

Add-On Features to Help You Increase Your Profits

Even after using a highly updated POS software, it is often seen that restaurant owners suffer losses month after month. Keeping this in mind, Harbortouch has come up with additional add-on features that can help you boost your profit margins.

  • Harbortouch Reservations: This feature can easily help you save 100s of dollars every month by not having to invest separately on an online reservation system. This system is integrated directly into the touchscreen terminal which helps you to accept reservations both online and manually.
  • Harbortouch Tableside: This is basically an app which runs on Apple iPads helping servers to accept orders tableside and send tickets to the bar or kitchen without making you leave the floor. This technique of placing orders has boosted server efficiency, as well as, speed up table turns. As a result of this, it helps you to boost your overall profits.
  • Harbortouch Online Ordering: This helps you to accept online orders. This online ordering system directly integrates into the point of sale of your restaurant. Thus, when an order is placed on the internet, a ticket is automatically generated in the POS which provides a pretty seamless experience for the users of this app.

As a restaurant owner, making proper profits is rather important. If you do not make profits, then running a restaurant is basically pointless. Running a restaurant also means being highly efficient at your work as the owner and using the best and latest software to easily overtake your competitors. Competitions are there in almost every sector. Making full use of such competitions to bring out the best from within you and your staff should be your primary aim. Once all the blocks fall into place, you will naturally witness positive results in the days to come. With Harbortouch by your side, managing a restaurant will be a piece of cake for you.

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